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It's easy to go a little nuts when you're pregnant and walking the aisles of your favorite baby stores. Everything looks so enticing and you're just so ready for your baby to be here. It's easy to forget that for the first few months, your baby needs little more beyond feeding, clothing, diapering and bathing supplies. Heather Corley breaks it down like this:

I did get one thing on the "don't need" list that I didn't think I'd use until later an umbrella stroller. I didn't use it for my son, though. I used it to cart things around and for grocery shopping. I wore him in a sling a lot and found that the shopping cart was often in the way. And when you're already carrying a baby, you don't want to be carrying anything else that you don't have to. I'd throw my purse and the diaper bag in it and hook a couple of bags over the handles for the groceries.

It was just easier than lugging the giant stroller and trying to set that up (I'm not very mechanically inclined or coordinated) and then handles were at just the right height that they didn't interfere with the sling. You gotta do what works for you, you know? I know lots of moms that would be lost without their big strollers, but we used ours maybe twice.

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February 13, 2009 at 8:00 am
(1) kristina says:

The list is not complete- what about sterelizers, dummy(if needed), nuppy cream, nasal pump (a must with new borns, how else can you unblock her nose???), breast pum (if needed), formula (if needed) etc….

Whoever posted this has never had a baby- sorry

November 6, 2010 at 5:18 pm
(2) Suzie says:

I never used a nasal pump once with my kids…not really a necessity unless someone gets sick. Also many women may find it difficult to pump milk for the first few months…nothing seems to come out for anything but baby…so again not needed until mom and baby start going out. Nipple cream and a diaper bag are a must. 0-3 month snow suits are completely unneeded as they are not safe in a car seat, try a car seat bag instead.

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