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Maureen Ryan

Maureen Ryan

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Maureen Ryan

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Maureen Ryan, About.com's Guide to Parenting Toddlers and Twos, is a writer specializing in parenting, health, and education. The mother of three young children, she's living through the toddler years right now, but with the advantage of having survived them at least once before.


With more than a decade of experience in journalism, Maureen Ryan discovered that it's easy to hand out advice, but she thinks what people really need is help figuring out what will work for their own situation. As a writer and editor specializing in parenting, health, and education, Maureen focuses on researching topics and then offering multiple perspectives on a problem to give readers the information and tools they need to make their own decisions.

Maureen's work has included literacy education materials for parents, lesson plans for teachers, a baby blog for new moms, and articles for a variety of magazines and web sites including Scholastic.com, QualityHealth.com, and TipsonHealthyLiving.com.


Maureen has a Bachelor degree in English and studied education at Teachers College Columbia University. Of course, she says that everything she knows about parenting she learned from her kids.

By Maureen Ryan:

After spending half of a decade writing about parenting and early childhood education, I actually became a mom…and then, of course, realized that I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Another half decade later, though, I am happy to share what I’ve been learning as the mom to three small children.

As the Guide to Raising Toddlers and Twos, I draw upon a background in reporting, education, and in-the-trenches parenting to offer both research-based answers and practical insight to help you enjoy the years from first birthday to preschool. From weaning to potty training, first words to first day of nursery school, I’ll help you find answers to questions and delight in the magical times that fly by too quickly.

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