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How Do I Care for My Son's Uncircumcised Penis?


Question: How Do I Care for My Son's Uncircumcised Penis?
Answer: The intact or uncircumcised penis requires little specific care. Normal external cleaning at diaper changes and external washing with soap and water during bathtime are all that is necessary.

It is important that you do not try to retract the foreskin or try to clean underneath it with Q-tips. This can cause pain, bleeding or permanent damage to the penis. There is no need for any special ointments or creams, either. Normal soap and water work just fine.

You may notice a whitish discharge coming from underneath the foreskin. This is completely normal and is called infant smegma. Skin cells shed naturally and gather underneath and are pushed out from under the foreskin all the time. Just gently wipe it away during a bath or diaper change.

Separation of the foreskin and glans will happen in time. In some children it may happen before they are even born, though this is rare. Most parents can expect this to happen within a few months or even years. Each child is different, and this is perfectly normal. While most children will experience this by age five, know that for others it may not occur until adolescence.

Your child will be the best judge of when this has happened. All children discover their genitals and so it should be your child that first discovers that he can retract his own foreskin.

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