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Bathtime Bucket

Keeping Bathtime Organized and Safe


The last thing you want to do when you have your baby undressed and in the tub is find that you've forgotten something you need. It's dangerous to leave baby unattended in water for even a minute, and pulling baby out of that warm comfy water to go searching for the baby oil is no fun either.

Take care of this problem by keeping everything you'll need for bathing in a small, easy-to-carry bucket. Fill it with all the soaps, lotions, oils, extra washcloths, baby brushes and whatever else you might need. Then when it's time for a bath, just grab it and go.

You can find buckets like these at most stores that sell household items or you can use a child's sand pail. That way, when your child has outgrown the baby bath, it can be used as a toy.

If you want to make it fun and help older siblings feel involved, you can get some colorful paint pens and let them decorate the bucket.

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