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Play and Learning for Toddlers

Here are play and learning activities to do with your toddler. Many of these activities use household items and can be done any time, so the fun is never far away.
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Cardboard Tube Play
Save your cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towels and wrapping paper for play time with your toddler.

Traditional Kids' Songs
From "The Hokey Pokey" to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to the basic "ABCs Song," rediscover traditional singalongs that you and your child will love.

50 Things Your Toddler Can Use to Paint
Here are 50 things besides a paint brush your toddler can use to paint with when doing art activities.

Homemade Toddler Toys - Share Your Ideas for Homemade Toddler Toys
Parents share their ideas for homemade toddler toys.

Taking Toddlers to Live Shows
Tips for taking young children to plays, live musical performances, and other shows.

Toddlers and Music
Make music and singing part of your child's everyday life.

Bubble Wands
These bubble wands will work for a variety of bubble-blowers from the youngest toddlers to the adults who love them. Bubbles are cheap, easy entertainment that inspire wonder and a sense of playfulness. Start out with a good, homemade bubble solution (or buy the commercial version if you must). If you don't want to negate the frugality of bubbles, consider making some of these bubble wands with …

Toys That Encourage Dramatic Play
As toddlers or 2-year-olds begin more and more imaginative play, these toys and games can help encourage independent dramatic play.

Toddlers and Music
Make music and singing part of your child's everyday life.

Best Movies and TV Shows for Toddlers
If you're thinking of taking a young child to the movies, weigh this points first.

Playing with Dolls and Figures
Dolls and figures are a must-have toy for toddlers and are easy on your wallet as well. Boys enjoy dolls and figures just as much as girls and all children can benefit from the social-emotional skills, role-playing and nurturing that playing with dolls and figures can help develop.

Toddlers Helping Around the House - How Does Your Toddler Help Around…
Parents describe how they get their toddlers to help around the house with clean-up and other appropriate chores.

Toddler Chores - What Are Some Appropriate Toddler Chores?
Help your toddler gain independence and learn self-help skills by allowing him to participate in household chores.

Toddlers and Dance - Exploring Movement with Toddlers and Dance
Toddlers feel music in ways it seems some of us adults have forgotten. They use their bodies to express emotion and explore the ways their bodies can move. Here are some classic and modern examples to explore dance with your toddler.

Follow the Leader with Toddlers - How to Play Follow the Lead…
Toddlers love to imitate adults, so use a game of follow the leader to get your child physically active.

Planning Physical Activities for Toddlers - How to Start Planning Phy…
Toddlers should be getting at least 90 minutes of physical activity each day. Here's how to start planning so that your toddler gets the physical activity she needs for optimal development.

Inexpensive Toddler Toys
These days, many of the toys we buy for our children come with lots of bells and whistles and sometimes entertain more than they teach. This isn't always necessary, however, and can even be limiting to your child's development. The best toys for learning are those that have more than one right way for play. Plus, if you're looking to save money (and who isn't in this economic climate?) these s…

Cars are a must-have toy for toddlers and are easy on your wallet as well. Girls enjoy cars just as much as boys and all children can benefit from the imaginative play and motor skills that cars can help develop.

Playing with Blocks
Blocks are a must-have toy for toddlers and are easy on your wallet as well. Girls enjoy blocks just as much as boys and all children can benefit from the math, problem solving and motor skills that playing with blocks can help develop.

Playing with Balls
Balls are a must-have toy for toddlers and are easy on your wallet as well. Girls enjoy balls just as much as boys and all children can benefit from the motor skills that playing with balls can help develop.

Do You Let Your Boys Play with Dolls?

Toys Made in the U.S.A. by Step2
Many products made in China have been recalled lately due to high lead paint content and other hazards. Some feel this would happen no matter where the products were made, but others feel that products made in America are safer. Step2 toys are nearly all made in the United States though some are made in other countries and others are assembled in the United States but the parts are made in other countries. Here are some of my favorites.

Making Soap Flakes for Craft Recipes
Many craft recipes, including those for paint, fingerpaint and slime, all call for Ivory Soap Flakes. Unfortunately, the company stopped making the flakes in 1993. Here's how you can make your own and maintain the quality of these recipes.

80s Toys Your Preschooler Will Enjoy
These are toys you probably loved as a child. See if your child will love them just as much. And here's a bonus-- none of them require batteries.

Make a Quick Dry Erase or Chalk Board
Large dry erase boards and chalkboards can be expensive, but they are a fun way to give your child a ready and renewable space for creative art. Here's how you can make your own.

Home Made Playdough Recipes
Little hands love stimulation, and these playdough recipes will keep them busy for a long time. All can be made at home with standard pantry ingredients.

Home Made Paint Recipes
Painting helps active toddlers learn fine motor skills and encourages them to explore the feel of different textures. Stimulate your child with these recipes for paints that you can make right at home.

Home Made Bubble Recipes
Easy recipes for bubbles you can have fun with indoors or outdoors.

How To Make a Flannel Board
Instructions for how to make a flannel board that will inspire imaginative play and develop fine motor skills for your toddler or preschooler.

30 Days of Summer Fun for Kids
30 Days of Summer Fun is a 30-day newsletter packed with all the fun ideas for projects, crafts, food and outings featured on this page -- but it comes directly to you via e-mail! In addition, you'll find tips on how to make your summer safe and keep your children healthy all season long.

Removing Marker from Skin
Kids love markers, but moms don't always enjoy spending all that time at the sink trying to get colored faces and hands clean. Here are some quick and safe ways to get marker off your child's skin.

5 Musical Instruments You Can Make at Home
Here are a variety of musical instruments you can make at home for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Easy Toddler Suncatchers
How to make suncatchers with older infants and toddlers. A quick, fun activity that requires few materials.

Make Fourth of July Popsicles
How to make Fourth of July popsicles, much like the "bomb-pops" you used to buy from the ice cream man.

Prevent Popsicle Mess
A quick tip to cut down on popsicle mess with infants and toddlers.

Taking Care of Shoe Laces
Children love toying with their shoelaces. While fine at first, it can end up driving you batty. Learn how to deal with shoelace problems and redirect your child's unlacing and relacing practice.

My Sleep Book
Create a book with your child that will help set goals towards sleeping through the night. You can also use this book to help your child through weaning and other life events that require change.

Fourth of July Activities for Toddlers
Here are a week's worth of Fourth of July activities to get you started as well as other ways to extend the week's learning.

Exploring Art and Developing Fine Motor Skills with Toddler Collage
You can explore many different art techniques and help develop your toddler's fine motor skills through the art of collage. Here's how.

Parents Share: Collage Ideas for Toddlers
Parents share their toddler's collages.

How to Make a Fingerpaint Rainbow
How to make a fingerpaint rainbow.

What is Week of the Young Child?
Learn more about the Week of the Young Child.

Sort Laundry with Your Toddler
Toddlers can learn many skills just through the simple act of helping you sort laundry. Here's how.

Educational Gifts for Toddlers and 2 Year Olds
Find the best picks for educational gifts for toddlers and 2 year olds.

Toddler Birthday Party Planning
Plan a fun, no-fuss birthday party for your toddler. These ideas help you get ready for a first birthday, second birthday, or third birthday.

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