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Playing with Balls

Tips for Playing with Balls


What Your Child Learns by Playing with Balls

Balls will fuel countless hours of fun for your toddler and will stimulate large motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your toddler will learn to bounce, catch, aim and throw, play cooperative (and eventually competitive) games and will probably even concoct a few games of her own.

Choosing the Right Ball for Your Toddler

Choose different types of balls both large and small. Large balls will take two hands to throw and this is an entirely different skill than throwing a tennis ball with one hand. Give your toddler the opportunity to practice both. The best balls for toddlers overall are light Wiffle balls; they are the right weight and have holes that make the balls easy for toddlers to manage with just one small hand.

Ball Storage

A large container on the floor can do double duty as a place to throw the balls for fun and as a storage place for all the balls. Wicker baskets, laundry baskets or other large plastic containers will work well. Make sure the container is not so deep that your toddler might fall in when going to retrieve the balls.

Rules for Balls

If keeping balls indoors and accessible, choose small, soft balls that won't do damage when thrown at windows or other objects. Just the act of keeping balls inside will ensure that they are thrown inside, so keep larger, heavier balls outdoors or only get them out when you want them used and can supervise. Set ground rules about appropriate throwing in your home and enforce them.

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