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The Best Movies to Share With Toddlers

TV Shows and Films on DVD


While research repeatedly shows that excessive TV viewing is bad for young children, TV shows and movies can have a healthy place in your child’s life. Here are some picks for films and television shows that you a can enjoy with your little one.

1. Winnie the Pooh (2011)

The many adventures of this silly ol' bear are retold in the 2011 movie. The music and pace and message of this version are great for all ages.

2. The Wiggles

Yes, they are bit hokey, but if you drop all defenses, you'll probably discover that the Wiggles make you happy.

3. Go, Diego, Go!

This TV show about Dora the Explorer's 8-year-old cousin is targeted to older children, but the introduction of new animals and the upbeat sound track are two reasons why you might want to share it with your toddler.

4. Thomas the Tank Engine

In addition to collections of individual episodes, you can buy full-length films starring the engines, such as "Hero of the Rail. Chuggington and other train movies are also great picks when you feel your tot needs to take a break and wind down.

5. Sleeping Beauty

You might have a different favorite princess that you want to introduce your child to. That is fine, but look for films that have the same qualities of "Sleeping Beauty." This classic is just long enough and has a pretty simple plot that toddlers can more or less follow along with.

6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

DVDs of Mickey's TV show are sure to delight...but be warned, you may end up with that "Hot Dog Song" in your head for days.

7. Sesame Street

No list of shows and movies woudl be complete without Sesame Street and episodes starring toddlers' beloved pal, Elmo!
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