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Inexpensive Toddler Toys

Toddler Toys that Help Your Toddler Learn and Don't Cost Too Much


These days, many of the toys we buy for our children come with lots of bells and whistles and sometimes entertain more than they teach. This isn't always necessary, however, and can even be limiting to your child's development. The best toys for learning are those that have more than one right way for play. Plus, if you're looking to save money (and who isn't?) these simple, inexpensive toys will be a hit with your wallet as well as your toddler.


Pink Ball
DeclanTM / Flickr
Balls are one of the least expensive toys you can buy when your child is a toddler. With a few balls in different shapes and sizes, you'll be giving him ample ways to develop his large motor skills. As he grows, he'll start to create new ways to play with balls and may even start to create games with rules. Encourage him to throw the balls at a target or into a container to increase hand-eye coordination.


Hey Paul / Flickr
Blocks are an essential toy that may seem a bit expensive at first, but they're truly a frugal buy since a quality set can last through many children and even be passed on to future generations. With blocks, your toddler will begin to learn problem solving skills and about cause and effect. He will also begin laying the foundation to learn important math skills like geometry as well as physics.

Toy Cars and Other Vehicles

Tonka Tot
ryancboren / Flickr
Cars make an excellent complement to blocks and can teach both small and large motor skills. Your toddler will enjoy imitating adult drivers and recreating versions of road trips he takes often like to the store or grandma's house. Other vehicles like ambulances, dump trucks, police cars and airplanes will expand the different ways your child can play and learn.
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