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Baby Names, Tools and Resources for Finding the Perfect Name for Baby

Here you can find the most popular baby names, obscure names and names from many different cultures, as well as tools to help you pick the best name for your baby.
  1. Christian Baby Names
  2. French Baby Names

Hebrew Names
Looking for a Hebrew name for your new child or for yourself? Use this A-Z list of popular Biblical and modern Israeli names as a starting point in your search.

Names Containing a form of Lynn
Baby naming trends among girls include the use of some form of the sound lin or lynn. Here are some examples that made the top 1000 recently.

Most Popular Baby Names
A list of the most popular baby names in the US with meanings, origins and parent polls.

Muslim Baby Names
One of the very first duties Muslim parents have toward their new child, besides physical care and love, is to give your child a name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it. Learn more about choosing a Muslim name for your baby.

Pagan Baby Names / Wiccan Baby Names
There are dozens of cultures linked to modern-day Pagan religions, with few to no central writings to speak of. So how would you define a Pagan name? Learn more about choosing a fitting name with Pagan influence.

Spanish Baby Names for Boys
A list of popular Spanish names for boys.

Spanish Baby Names for Girls
A list of popular Spanish names for girls.

Hindu / Indian Baby Names
Here is a glossary of Sanskrit-based Indian baby names with meanings.

Japanese Baby Names
Explore traditional Japanese baby names as well as Japanese names for "Westerners." Also, find out how to write your own name in Japanese.

Italian Baby Names
This guide to Italian baby names contains over 800 of the most common names, divided equally between male and female. Each entry contains a description with an account of the historical origins of the name, its significance, the English equivalent (if applicable), the name day, and other related Italian names and variations.

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