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Unique Baby Books


If you're looking for a new take on the old practice of recording what's important during your baby's life, check out these new twists.

1. The Inappropriate Baby Book

The Inappropriate Baby Book
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I guess I should actually call this a companion book, because you probably want to have a real baby book around to record all the standard stuff like baby's first tooth, baby's first smile and so on. But then this book can cover all the stuff you'll really want to remember and laugh about later. You know, like baby's first poop or the first time baby pooted in the tub. This book is especially fun if you let older siblings (who are probably very impressed with the toilet humor) help you fill it out.
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2. Baby's First Tattoo

Baby's First Tattoo
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This book covers much of the same fun that the last book does... and then some. It's a bit more comprehensive and its scope includes more than just potty humor (for example: baby's first grocery store tantrum). Both books make great shower gifts that all your friends will be passing around and laughing out loud about.
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3. Baby Time

Baby Time
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The last thing any mom wants is to discover one day -- when your child is five -- that you didn't fill out most of his baby book. This book is for all those moms who fear that this could happen to you. It has check boxes, stickers, items to circle and more. Couple this book with a prettier baby book if you want: It can serve as a ready reference when you're filling out the real thing.
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4. Handmade Blank Baby Books by Amano

Sometimes those one-size-fits-all baby books don't really fit all. Was your baby adopted? Are you a single mom? Are you are a grandparent raising your grandchild?

Artist Bridgette Geurzon has created a line of beautiful journals that are filled with blank pages that you can use to write your own unique story. The paper is luxurious and the covers embellished with delicate ribbons and book cloth. Each book is a thoughtful creation, handmade and signed by the artist herself. Stop worrying about how your family doesn't fit in the pages of someone else's book. Make your own special book.

5. My New Baby And Me: A First Year Record Book For Big Brothers And Big Sisters

My New Baby and Me
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What's fun about this book is that it's written from a sibling's perspective with a touch of humor. It's really something that brothers and sisters will sit down and have a laugh about when they're grown. So, you're getting your other kids involved in the life of the new baby and hey, if you find days when you're too busy to jot things down -- let them do it. It's never too early to start delegating responsibility.
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6. The Mommy Journal: Letters to Your Child

The Mommy Journal
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This is great for those who equate those fill-in-the-blank baby books to doing your taxes. Here you've got a series of short, undated spaces where you compose intimate notes to your child. Start a book like this now so you can give it to your child as a special gift when they become an adult.
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7. Start a Baby Blog

One of the greatest ways to document your child's journey through life is with a blog. You can add pictures and even share the joy with grandparents and friends. Some things to consider before deciding to blog: Your privacy and remembering to back up the files in case you decide to take the whole thing down or move it elsewhere.
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