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Toddler Backpacks

Backpacks Made Just for Toddlers


These backpacks are proportioned just right for toddlers and can help make your own load a little lighter. Load your toddler's bag up with his own toys, extra clothing and snacks and help teach him independence at the same time.

Four Peas Toddler Backpacks

Four Peas Toddler Backpack (Biker)
Photo © PriceGrabber

What I love about all the toddler backpacks from Four Peas is the simplicity.  Some toddlers are able to manage lots of pockets, but others are just overwhelmed with so many features.  There are just two pockets here and the zippers are easy to find and manage. The designs on these bags (like Biker, pictured here) are simple and not too busy. They have padded back straps as well as a handle and are made of nylon and PVC-free.  They measure 12.5 inches on the longest side. Four Peas are designed by a mom and teacher with function always in mind.

Popatu Trolley Toddler Backpacks

Popatu Trolley Roller Backpack
Photo © PriceGrabber

Popatu toddler backpacks are fun because they all come with a little stuffed animal affixed to the outside.  That leaves more room inside for other toys and clothes.  The entire backpack is plush, so on the one hand it makes a nice headrest for your weary toddler, but on the other hand it does soak up dirt a little faster than a nylon or other bag.  Your toddler can haul this bag three different ways - with the handle, ultra-comfy back straps or on wheels.  That's the feature I love most about this bag besides the roomy inside.  It measures 13 inches on the longest side.

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Little Packrats Toddler Backpacks

Little Packrats Duck Toddler Backpack
Photo © PriceGrabber

I find these bags to be some of the most adorable toddler backpacks out there, but be warned, they are quite small.  Also, since they aren't for hefting too much around, it seems the straps are quite a bit pared down, too.  They're flimsy and get a bit tangly for toddlers.  But, if you're looking for a light bag that can hold just a few small toys or art supplies an a sippy cup -- with style -- this is the bag for you.  Choose something more durable for longer trips, though. Most measure between 9 and 11 inches on the longest side and bonus - they're made in the U.S.A.

Skip Hop Zoo Packs

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Toddler Backpacks
Photo © PriceGrabber

Many moms already love Skip Hop because they know how to make a diaper bag that is as durable as it is design-savvy.  Now, the company is making tiny backpacks for toddlers.  Like their larger counterparts, these bags are made with function in mind.  They have a large main compartment, small outer pocket and a pocket perfect for sippy cups and juice boxes.  They're made with safety in mind, too, and are free of BPA, pthalates and PVC.  Straps are wide and padded and there's a carrying handle as well.

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Quicksilver Ankle Biter Backpack

Quicksilver Ankle Biter Backpack
Photo © PriceGrabber

These bags are capable of carrying a lot of stuff, but hey're still small enough for your toddler to manage.  Even though the longest side is 13 inches, it seems much roomier inside. They have wide, padded straps and a carrying handle, too.  The best part about these bags, however, is the way they look.  They come plain as can be (black, checks, plaid) or in wild, hip designs.  You won't find any cartoonish or corporately-owned characters here.

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Room it Up Toddler Backpacks

Room it Up Mini Toddler Backpacks
Photo © Room it Up

These mini backpacks come in a variety of styles -- checks, florals, dots and more.  Pictured here is SoHo Swirl.  The fun part here is that you can find lots of other matching bags and accessories like water bottles, beach bags and messenger bags for moms or older kids. There aren't too many pockets on this mini version and the size is just right. Straps are adjustable to grow with your child or be carried by an adult. 

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