1. Parenting

Toddler Bath Time & Skin Care

Information on how to bathe your toddler, how to take care of toddler skin and tips on finding the best bath toys and gear.

When Should I Stop Using a Baby Bath?
A mom asks when to move her child from the baby bath to the regular tub.

How Do You Bathe Your Child?

Bathtime Bucket
The last thing you want to do when you have your baby undressed and in the tub is find that you've forgotten something you need. Keep everything handy with this bathtime bucket.

Warming Baby Oil
If you use baby oil or lotions after your baby's bath, you might find that it's cold coming right out of the bottle. Warm it up using these quick tips.

Skin Care Products You Won't Find in the Diaper Aisle
It's easy to forget that you have a wide variety when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing your child. Here are a few baby skin care product lines that you probably won't find in the diaper aisle of your local store.

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