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Toddler Development

Information about the stages of development and milestones of toddlers. Find out what is normal, what signifies a delay and learn how to help your toddler at each stage of development.
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Toddler Development from Age 1 through Age 3
Get a look at the milestones you can expect your toddler to achieve in the first three years. This overview explains common skills achieved by your child's first, second, and third birthdays.

What You Can Expect Kids to Learn by 12 Months
Around your child's first birthday you'll find yourself chasing a toddler and being amazed that just a few months ago this was your helpless little infant. Learn what skills typically maifest around this age.

Why Does My Toddler Like to Strip Naked?
If your toddler is one of the many who love to strip down to her diaper (or beyond) find information to help you understand and manage the behavior.

What You Can Expect Kids to Learn by Age 2
Two year olds are full of energy and seem to develop new skills every day. From early language development to increased interest in socializing with others, learn more about what to expect at the 24-month mark.

What You Can Expect Kids to Learn by Age 3
From age 2 to 3 your child makes incredible leave in physical, cognitive, and social development. Learn what to expect this year.

Toddlers and Dogs: Do they Mix?
Should you get a dog for your family? Find out if you should and what you need?

Signs of Stress in Toddlers
How to spot the signs of anxiety and help your little one through it.

Terrible Twos and Your Toddler
No one looks forward to the terrible twos, a developmental stage that usually begins sometime in the toddler years.

Casual Remarks
It's easy to assume that our children don't understand or even listen to the things we say about them when speaking with other adults. It's an easy habit to get into when our children are infants, but it's also an easy habit to break. Learn how to stop the casual remarks that can cause damage to a child's self-esteem.

Helping Toddlers Buidl Fine Motor Skills
Get some tips about how to help your child build fine motor skills.

My Toddler's First Steps
Parents share what it was like when their toddlers took those first steps.

When Will My Toddler Start Walking
What's normal when your toddler is learning to walk.

Baby and Toddler Growth Charts
Use these growth charts for babies and toddlers to record and monitor your child's physical development.

Time to Play
Parents are often battling day-to-day events and spending time with their children. Here are some tips from Elizabeth Pantley on spending quality family time.

Five Keys to Infant and Child Development
Find ways to understand and help your infant on his or her developmental path.

Warning Signs of a Language Delay

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