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Your 2 Year Old: Motor, Cognitive, Verbal, and Social Skills


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Verbal Skills Commonly Mastered by Age 2
While there are wide ranges in development among children, most toddlers master at least 50 spoken words by their second birthday. Boys' language skills may develop at a slower rate, and many children don't speak much at all during their second year, but in general, you can expect your child to being to master the ability to:
  • use "I" and "you" appropriately
  • know the name of familiar body parts, animals, and objects and laugh when you misname them (such as calling a cow an bunny)
  • enjoy looking at one book over and over
  • completes lines in familiar books
  • name people in the family
  • speak in two- to four-word sentences
  • repeat overheard words

Highlight: While there are many cute, entertaining shows out there for young children, some researchers and health providers say that children as young as two shouldn't watch any television. Part of that recommendation is based on the belief that a toddler who watches television doesn't get as much exposure to vocabulary and social interactions that build important skills. The counter argument is that the reason you're putting Sesame Street on is precisely because you're not able to play with baby for a little while. But is TV harmful? The fact is, we don't have conclusive research on television viewing and toddlers. So, the best approach might be to limit television whenever possible, and look for other options to keep baby entertained while you fold the laundry, such as creating a safe, secure space with a play yard or gated room and providing him with lots of toddler-friendly toys.

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