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Your 3 Year Old: Motor, Cognitive, Verbal, and Social Skills


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Gross Motor Skills You Can Expect Kids to Master by Age 3
Motor skills are related to how your child uses his body. Pediatricians gauge development in two areas: Gross motor and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills use large muscle groups and are related to active play. Milestones at this age may include:
  • run several yards without falling
  • climb up low furniture and jungle gyms with ease
  • walk on tiptoes
  • walk a straight line
  • walk up and down stairs alternating feet
  • kick a ball
  • jump up with both feet
  • pedal a tricycle
  • throw a large ball

Highlight: Yes, all that running, climbing, jumping and non-stop moving is hard to keep up with. It may be tempting to tell your 2 to 3 year old, "Stay still." But allowing him the freedom to move is essential. Given the time and space to practice his physical skills, he will develop better balance and confidence. While he will inevitably suffer some spills and scrapes, this phase can help him avoid major falls and injuries in the coming years.

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