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Your 3 Year Old: Motor, Cognitive, Verbal, and Social Skills


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Fine Motor Skills to Look for by Age 3
Tasks that rely on fine motor skills are those that use the hands and small muscle groups. Fine motor skills milestones you can expect your child to achieve by age 3 include:
  • feed self (although, you can still expect messes)
  • turn pages in a book
  • hold and write with a crayon well
  • wash and dry hands
  • put on shoes (but not tie laces)
  • dress self with some help
  • build a balanced block tower
  • open and close twistable lids

Highlight: One of your child's major accomplishments this year will be learning to "draw," although pictures will mostly be scribbles and lines on the page. To encourage your budding writer and artist provide lots of paper and age-appropriate writing tools (crayons, washable markers, finger paints). Show her how to use the tools by coloring and drawing with her. Teach her what is ok to draw on (paper) and what is not (the white couch), but you might also want to invest in washable paint just in case it gets on the walls and furniture covers for the inevitable mishaps.

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