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2009 Product Recalls

2009 Product Recalls of Baby and Toddler Toys and Gear


Jardine Crib Recall - Expansion of Previous Recalls

Jardine Cribs Sold at Babies "R" Us Recalled
Photo © CPSC
Another round of recalls for these Jardine cribs that are dangerous because, according to the CPSC, "The wooden crib slats can break, creating a gap, which can pose an entrapment and strangulation hazard to infants and toddlers."

There are seven models in this recall, so check carefully to make sure your child's crib isn't affected. Cribs were sold at Babies "R" Us as well as other stores in that same family -- online and brick-and-mortar -- from Sept. 2005 through April 2009 for around $200-300. Unfortunately there's no full refund available, but you will receive a credit toward the purchase of a new crib.

BabyGap Children's Coats with Toggles

BabyGap Pink Duffle Coat with Toggles Recalled
Photo © CPSC
These coats were sold at babyGap and other Gap stores from Oct. 2008 through April 2009 and cost between $20-50. The toggle fasteners can come off and pose a choking hazard to children. Several coats in infant through 24 month sizes are included in this recall:

Rose Toggle Hoodie - style 600298
Pink Duffle Coat (pictured) - style 600344
Blue Plaid and Mojave Toggle Coat - style 600942

Contact the Gap at 888-747-3704 or visit their Web site for information about a full refund and possible discount on future purchases.

Tupperware Shape-O Toy Maracas

Tupperware Shape-O Toy Maracas Recalled
Photo © CPSC
These maracas have a handle that can pose a suffocation hazard and if it breaks, small parts inside can cause choking. There have been two reports of the toy breaking but no injuries. They were sold in the Tupperware catalogs of Holiday 2007 and Spring 2008 and were priced at $5-11. You can return them to Tupperware (start by filling out a form on their site) to get a refund or a gift certificate.

Gromex / Jaloma Pacifiers Recalled

Gromex / Jaloma Pacifiers
Photo © CPSC
These pacifiers were sold for $1 in New York and New Jersey only. The ventilation holes and the mouth guard are too small and could pose a choking or aspiration hazard. For a refund, contact Gromex by calling collect to 973-458-9399.

Kolcraft Play Yards Recalled

Kolcraft Play Yards Recalled
Photo © CPSC

Nearly 1 million of these play yards are being recalled by Kolcraft because, according to the CPSC, "play yard’s side rail can fail to latch properly and when a child pushes against the rail it can unlatch unexpectedly, posing a fall hazard to children." There have been 347 reports of the sides falling with 21 injuries. Models included are branded under several different names including Jeep, Carter's, Sesame Street, Eric Carle, Care Bear and Contours (pictured here). Kolcraft is sending out free repair kits if you call 866-594-4208 (any time) or fill out the form on their Web site. Be sure to have your model number and date of manufacture handy (see the full list of model numbers here - there are a lot).

Evenflo Switch-A-Roo Telephone Toy Recalled

Evenflo Switch-a-Roo Telephone
Photo © CPSC
These toys are being recalled because a mirror decall can come off and cause a choking hazard. You won't need to dispose of the toy or return it, however. Just remove the mirror decal and throw it away and you can continue to use the product safely.

All Nuby Gel Filled Teething Rings Recalled

The FDA ran a test on these gel filled teethers and found that some contained bacteria that could cause illness in children with weakened immune systems if they come in contact with the gel. The bacteria found (Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus circulans) don't normally cause illness, but all the teethers are being recalled nevertheless. You can return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Baby Hammocks Recalled

Baby Hammock Recalled
Photo © CPSC

These baby hammocks are branded as La Siesta Yayita Baby Hammocks or just Yayita Baby Hammocks and were previously recalled in Aug. 2008. This update includes two new places of purchase: Kaplan Early Learning and Nova Natural Toys and Crafts. The hammock can flip over causing a fall hazard or a strangulation hazard if a baby gets hung up in the seat's straps. Kaplan (800-334-2014) is offering a credit toward another purchase and Nova Naturals (877-668-2111) is offering a free replacement hammock.

Safety 1st Stair Gate Recall Expanded

Safety 1st Stair Gate
Photo © CPSC
About 100,000 of these stair gates were recalled back in Feb. 2009. There are hinges that can break and cause a fall hazard -- something you definitely don't want from a gate used at the top of the stairs. Now another 30,000 plus are being recalled (same model: 42111) for the same reason. You can visit the company's site for a free repair kit or call 866-690-2540.

Graco Recalls Jump 'n Jive Doorway Jumpers

Jump 'n Jive Jumper
Photo © CPSC
The jumper (model: 1755544) isn't actually the problem in this recall, but rather it's the attached toys. These toys are attached to the jumper with strips of fabric that can detach and pose a choking hazard. If you have this toy, remove the toys along with the fabric strips and give Graco a call at 800-345-4109 to get a replacement set of toys. You can also visit their site to order the new toys. Once these toys are removed the jumper is safe to use again.
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