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2009 Product Recalls

2009 Product Recalls of Baby and Toddler Toys and Gear


Target Recalls Circo Booster Seats

Circo Booster Seat
Photo © CPSC
About 43,000 of these booster seats are being recalled because the strap can pop open unexpectedly causing a fall hazard. Manufacture date codes are located on the back of the seat and include these numbers: XJ0811, XJ0812, XJ0901, and XJ0902. Return the seat to Target for a full refund.

Buster Brown Clog Children's Shoes Recalled

Transformers Clog
Photo © CPSC
Shown here are the Transformers Clogs but other clogs are part of this recall as well including these: Cars, Cars Mater, Yellow Transformers, and Barbie. There was a previous Cars Clog recall that included about 73,000 pairs and now this recall includes 1.4 million pairs. The decorative wheels on these shoes can detach and cause choking. You can return them to the place of purchase (which might have been Target, Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, Sears, Payless or Amazon.com just to name a few) for a full refund.

BabyBjörn Bouncer Chairs Recalled

BabyBjörn Bouncers
Photo © CPSC
These chairs could have some sharp pieces of metal in the padded area which could cause a laceration hazard. This recall includes the following models of Babysitter Balance seat: 009064US (Black / Red), 009065US (Black / Silver), 009066 (Dark Blue / Blue), and 009069 (Brown / Beige). It also includes the 009001US (White) model of the Babysitter Balance Air seat. Call the company at 866-424-0200 to find out how to get the chair inspected. If metal pieces are found in the inspection you will get a free replacement chair.

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Sets

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set
Photo © CPSC
These swing sets are being recalled because no instructions on how to put together the swing seat harness were included. Since they need to be put together correctly by you to prevent injury that's a bit of a problem, no? Nobody has been hurt, however, and the company wants you to stop using the set until you've checked out the assembly instructions here and properly installed the seat. Models include 400V and 612398 but only those with the blue belt seat.

LeapFrog Recalls Electronic Plush Toys

Leap Frog Plush Toy
Photo © CPSC
These plush dog toys have decalls on the paws that can come off and cause choking. If you contact LeapFrog (call 800-701-5327) the company will send you a replacement toy that has embroidered paws instead. To see if your toy is part of this recall, look for "Item No. 19142" on the white tag attached to the dog or located on the packaging if you still have it.

Various Little Tikes Workshops Recalled

Little Tikes Nails Recalled
Photo © CPSC
More than a million Little Tikes toys are being recalled because the included nails can pose a choking hazard. Models affected are:
  • Electronic Project Workshop #0914/430B, sold from March 1994 - Dec. 2003
  • Little HandiWorker Workhorse #0920/612237, sold from March 1999 - June 2009
  • Home Improvement 2-Sided Workshop #4146, sold from Feb. 2001 - Jan. 2009
  • Swirlin' Sawdust Workshop #440Z, sold from April 2004 - Nov. 2008
  • Black Pickup Truck with Tools #4028, sold from March 2000 - April 2009.
Contact Little Tikes at 800-791-2737 or fill out this form on their Web site to obtain replacement nails.

H1N1 Vaccine for Toddlers

Sanofi Pasteur is recalling 800,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine after the company's routine testing revealed that the doses are slightly less effective as they were just before they were shipped. These doses were contained in pre-filled syringes intended for babies and toddlers (6 to 35 months of age) and most have already been given.

Evenflo Cake Toys

Evenflo has recalled a cake toy that is part of their 1-2-3 Tea for Me Exersaucer. There's a toy flame at the top of the candle on the cake that can detach and cause choking. After removing the cake toy, the Exersaucer is safe to use and if you wish to get a replacement toy, you can contact the company on their Web site or at 800-233-5921.

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