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Homemade Christmas Gifts Your Toddler Can Make

Help your little one make a present for the holidays



Make applesauce ornaments!

Nothing says priceless like gifts made by a child. While toddlers and 2-year-olds are not ready to break out the paints and make you a self portrait, there are many sweet projects that are appropriate for little kids. With guidance and toddler-friendly supplies, your little one can delight family and caregivers with one of these holiday-inspired gifts.

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornament This simple recipe for holiday ornaments requires no cooking, so it's very toddler friendly. The final product features a seasonal holiday smell everyone will love. Have your little one make an ornament for grandparents, babysitters, and neighbors. All you need are some basic kitchen ingredients and some holiday cookie cutters.

Build a Gingerbread House Are you visiting relatives or friends Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? If so, a finished homemade gingerbread house makes for the perfect hostess gift. This video tutorial includes instructions on making the gingerbread pieces yourself and then assembling it. You could simplify the process by buying a gingerbread house kit. Or use graham crackers and lots of icing and candy to make a very quick and easy version that's perfect for toddlers.

Coloring Pages Your toddler may not be a polished painter or crayon artist yet, but she can still create adorable works of art with stickers, various drawing tools, and even dot-making bingo daubers (compare prices) to decorate coloring pages with a Christmas theme.

Finger Paint Portraits One of my most cherished mementos of my daughter's first year in day care is a finger painted family picture. I was painted in purple, which my daughter informed me was my favorite color -- seven years later we still just go with it and let everyone believe that purple is my favorite color. As a nice added touch, you can make your own homemade finger paints for the project.

Personalized T-Shirt Even if you don't think your toddler is ready to create a special painting for the family room, you can still help her design a one-of-a-kind master piece by using hand prints to create a colorful t-shirt or special apron loved ones will cherish.

Hand Print Wreath Magically, you can even turn your toddler's hand prints into a decorative gift. Trace the outline of his hands onto green construction paper, or choose white paper and let him paint the hand prints and set them in a circle to form a festive wreath that your little one's favorite aunt can hang on the door.

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