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Grandparents Day Ideas for Toddlers

Projects and Ways to Celebrate With Young Children


Grandparents Day Ideas for Toddlers

Grandparents Day is a great time for a photo op!

P. Burns
Grandma, nanny, poppy, grandpa, abuelo, gramps. Whatever they are called in your family, grandparents deserve to be celebrated. Although you may never have heard of National Grandparents Day before, it is a real, nationally recognized holiday celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day -- and it's the perfect time to stop and plan something special for your parents or in-laws that includes a gift or activity that recognizes the unique bond your young child has with his grandparents.

While toddlers and young children may not be able to put into words how much they love their grammy and pop-pop, these simple crafts, gifts you give together, and ideas for celebrating will let them know that they are appreciated always, not just on Grandparents Day.

Simple Homemade Gifts for Grandparents
Even young toddlers can work on these special keepsakes.

Using any one of the many simple collage techniques that are appropriate for young kids, you can help your child put together a memento that includes photos of her with her grandparent along with things you may have kept from those times together (a map from the zoo, a ticket stub from a train ride they took together, etc.). It's a simple project, but one that will let grandparents relive precious moments in time once again.

Crayon Window Art
A great craft that lets you make use of all those broken crayons laying around the house, this project lets your child design a one-of-kind piece of window art that can brighten any room in grandma or grandpa's house and act as a constant reminder of their grandchild's love.

Personalized Apron
The baking granny or barbecuing grandfather may be cliches, but still many real-life grandparents truly have a need for an apron. This photo apron craft ensures that every time they pick up a cooking utensil, they'll have a wider smile.

Milk Carton Bookends
Another very simple craft that's perfect for grandparents who are avid readers, these milk carton bookends can showcase your child's artwork or a photo.

Easy-to-Make Sweet Treats
Grandparents are (at least in my family) often guilty of indulging each grandchild's sweet tooth. On this special day, you can turn the tables and let your little one serve up a sugary treat to mimi and poohpa. A simple, no-cook recipe like rice crispy treats will allow even the youngest ones to help with the preparations.

Ways You Can Make the Day Extra Special
Although it's a day for grands to celebrate with their grandkids, you can take a role in the festivities by planning these activities and gifts.

Set Up a Skype Call
If you can't be with grandparents in person this year, you can still give them a chance to see how much your child has grown and changed since you last visited each other. Set up the video conference software Skype on your computer and walk your parents or in-laws through the process so they can have it on their home computer too. You don't need a fancy headset and mic or any special extras beyond a webcam (which is often built into desktops and laptops these days). In addition to being easy and fun, general Skype calls are free!

Begin a Family Tree
If you plan ahead, you may be able to build a detailed family tree for Grandparents Day. If you don't have the time to do all the research now, though, you can still offer them the gift of genealogy this year -- simply start the process and begin drafting your tree. Then find time throughout the year to continue working on it together with your parents and in-laws. You may be able to have your child help out as well!

Take a Great Photo
Often, grandparents insist that they don't want anything for special occasions and birthdays. Even if that's true, there is one thing that no grandmother or grandfather will return -- a photo of their grandchild. Of course, getting a portrait of your little one is both expensive and nerve racking. Never fear -- you can take a great photo yourself. Capturing a really good picture of your child takes patience, but you will likely be very happy with the results if you follow a few basic tips such as opting for photo in natural light and getting down to your child's height level to take the shot. To make your photo a special keepsake that can be displayed, consider creating an oragami frame or flower magnet photo frame as well.

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