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Halloween Ideas for Toddlers and Young Children

The Best Ways to Celebrate Safely


Adorable costumes, Kodak moments in a pumpkin patch, and the look of glee on your 2-year-old's face when she sees lollipops dropped in a trick-or-treat bag are just a few of the reasons you'll love celebrating Halloween with your little one. Making it fun as well as safe for young children, though, means paying attention to details and planning ahead.

1. Must-Have Costumes Accesories for Young Children

cowboy hat
No matter how cute that elf-on-a-mushroom costume looks, you know you wouldn't want to wear it. Would your child? In all honesty, you don't need an elaborate, polished costume to delight your toddler. In fact, there are tons of ways to match everyday clothes and items with whimsical accessories to create great disguises that look absolutely adorable, are easy to get your squirmy tot into and out of, and so comfortable he won't mind donning it at all.

2. No-Fuss Costumes for Fussy Kids

smurf costume
M. Ryan
Many trendy and picture-perfect costumes are just not practical for young children. They're too delicate or don't suit active tots, and more often than not, they are not potty-training friendly at all. Before you shell out the money for that fairy tale princess or Iron Man costume, consider how easy it will be to change your toddler and --most importantly -- whether your child will be comfortable and happy.

3. The Best Disney Costumes

winnie the pooh
Even if you yourself aren't a Mickey Mouse world fan, your child has probably already found a character or movie he loves. The characters from many of the Disney films are enchanting because they remind your child of the movie or cartoon he loves, but they are often also classic icons -- fairies, princesses, beloved woodland animals -- which means you can even choose a more generic costume of, say a mermaid, and make your child feel like Ariel herself.

4. Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween with Toddlers
P. Burns
Whether you plan to take your tot trick or treating or want to stay close to home, there are some important measures you should take to make this holiday a happy time for everyone in your home.

5. How Does Your Family Celebrate Halloween

D. Milne
Share your plans for the big day with us and see what other families plan to do with their toddlers on Halloween.

6. Halloween Reads

The idea of everyone dressing up and getting candy might confuse your little one as much as delight her. Reading some of these books beforehand can help her feel familiar with the idea of Halloween and trick or treating -- plus they offer a great opportunity to snuggle up and laugh with your little one.

7. Spook-tacular Treats

M. Ryan
Whether your're hosting a party or celebrating the spookiness at home, have fun with more than just candy corn. These yummy and kid-friendly treats are a great way to enjoy the Halloween spirit.
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