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Video Tips and DIY Advice to Celebrate Halloween with Little Kids


Creepy ghouls and shaving cream pranks are just one side of Halloween. The other side is all about sugar covered apple treats and costumes that are just too cute for words. This collection of videos offers you quick tips and practical ideas to help you plan a party, create a costume, whip up a treat, or find other special ways to celebrate a safe, fun Halloween with small children.

1. Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween safety
What should you know about appropriate costumes for toddlers and preschoolers? Do you know the biggest trick-or-treat danger kids face? What should every parent know about candy safety? Get answers to these and other common questions now.

2. Carve a Thrilling Jack-o-Lantern

The cornerstone of your fall decorations starts here. See tips for creating a neat-and-simple carved pumpkin. And remember, your pumpkin doesn't need to have a scary face. you can use free pumpkin stencils to carve a host of other Halloween-themed images that will delight your child.

3. Easy Mickey and Minnie Costumes

mickey costume
The number one rule for costumes for small children is comfort

4. 3 Costume Ideas from the Dress Up Box

A dress up box packed with creative accessories holds endless possibilities for Halloween. Here are some suggestions for using what you already have on hand to dress your little one -- but you can explore other possibilities simply by dumping out the bits magic in your child's dress box.

5. Monster Costume Ideas

If you want to stick with the sort of scary theme of the holiday, there are options for monster costumes including the cuddly (like Sesame Street monsters) to the gruesome (like zombies) that may be more fun for mom and dad and a little one who plans to sleep through the whole celebration.

6. How to do Halloween Face Painting

Masks aren't a good choice for young kids. Besides being hot and uncomfortable, they can limit a child's field of vision and make him more likely to trip and get hurt. A better alternative is face painting -- which isn't as hard as you might think!

7. Throwing a Halloween Party for Kids

With small kids, a house party with friends and lots of activities may be a better option than trick-or-treating. Depending on how creative you are and how big your budget is, you can make your own decorations and treats. Plus, you can balance the super sweet candy with healthy snacks.

8. Capture the Ghost

Capture the Ghost
Looking for some fun activities to break up the sugar feast? This variation on the classic backyard game Capture the Flag is sure to be a hit with energetic tots. And all you need for the fun is a good open space, some old white grocery bags, and twist ties.

9. Halloween Relay Races

Halloween relay races
Everything you and your kids love about traditional relay races -- with a Halloween twist. The pure delight of wrapping another kid like a mummy or winning some candy will probably be enough of a delight, but it can't hurt to have a few prizes for the race winners to make this even more fabulous.

10. Make Halloween Party Favors for Kids' Parties

halloween party favors
Who knew severed hands and ghost poop could be so delicious?! These creative homemade favors are easy to put together and more affordable than pre-filled store favors. They are also sure to enlist giggles and smiles from each and every goblin at your festivity

11. Simple Treats to Make With Your Child

halloween treats
Mix up some chocolate pudding with hidden extras to surprise your guests! The key to these sweet treats is to have gummy worms and a host of unusual candy tidbits on hand so you can make the desserts a bit spooky and very yummy.

12. Host a Halloween Costume Contest

costume contest
See tips on can you make a fun contest that will make each of your Halloween guests feel satisfied -- even if they don't win. Keep the event low on pressure and competition and high on allowing kids to show of their creativity.
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