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Playdough and Craft Recipes

Here you will find recipes that just don't fit anywhere else for things like crafts, pastes, playdoughs, paint, bubbles and more.

Play With Playdough
Delight your toddler with this collection for fun playdough activities that stimulate and provides hours of fun.

Playdough Game
Check out our top picks for playdough toys and play sets.

Gluten Free Playdough

Some children, either due to celiac disease or wheat allergy, need a playdough that is gluten free or wheat free.  Here are several gluten free playdough brands and recipes to keep your child healthy and safe while still learning and having fun.

How Old Should My Toddler Be to Play with Playdough?
Learn when your toddler will be ready to play with playdough.

Is It Okay for My Toddler to Eat Playdough?
Find out if it's safe for your toddler to eat playdough.

Finger Paint Recipes
Have fun with your child using these finger paint recipes using items you probably already have at home.

Craft Clay
This clay is great for making plaques and other items that will be painted when dry.

Modeling and Mosaic Goop
This modeling goop will harden when allowed to air dry or bake in the sun. It's good for making "mosaics" by spreading a layer of the goop over pots or other containers and pressing beads, macaroni or other objects into it.

Stay Fresh Playdough
This dough is kept in the fridge and like the name implies, it stays fresh much longer than other playdoughs.

Just Like the Real Playdough
This playdough feels and smells much like the playdough you buy at stores.

Peanut Butter Playdough
This homemade playdough is good for toddlers since it is made of all edible ingredients.

Alum Playdough
This dough contains alum and requires no cooking.

Tempera Playdough
This dough uses powdered tempera to make brightly colored dough.

Cornstarch Clay
This three-ingredient recipe can save money when you make it versus buying commercially produced clay.

Feelie Bags
These bags are a fun tactile treat for babies and toddlers alike. The best part -- no mess!

Gouache Paint
Recipe for homemade gouache paint, which is a paint that dries quickly and can be put on in layers.

Papier Mache Paste
This recipe makes a paste for papier mache that can be stored for up to 3 days. It's ideal for working on projects that require several layers because it allows for plenty of drying time.

Bread Play Dough
This is a dough you can make with just bread and glue. The objects you make dry hard and can be painted and preserved.

Natural Colors Play Dough
This play dough uses vegetable juices for natural pink, green and orange colors.

Rubbery Play Dough Recipe
This recipe will make a play dough that is firm and elastic and helps improve strength and fine motor skill.

Stamp Gum
This gum can be used on the back of paper to make stamps and stickers.

Paper Hanger's Paste
Here is a recipe for homemade paper hanger's paste.

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments
Gear up for the holidays by making these great smelling ornaments with your toddler. No need for cooking or baking, either! Friends and family will love hanging these on the tree or seeing them attached to gifts this season.

Uncooked Playdough
Have fun with your toddler with these quick and easy uncooked playdough recipes.

Playdough Tools - Parents Share the Playdough Tools Their Kids Love
Parents share what kinds of playdough tools their kids love to play with.


Playdough is such a fun way for your toddler to express her creativity and develop fine motor skills.  You may be wondering, though, if your toddler is old enough to play with it and if so, how to make it.  Learn more with the resources below.

Playdough Hair
Here's how to top your faces and people figures with playdough hair without buying the special hair salon toy.

How to Get Playdough out of Hair
How to get playdough out of hair without resorting to scissors or other drastic measures.

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