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Summer Activities - Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

Summer fun is here. These are some fun summer activities including projects, crafts, food and outings that are perfect for keeping your toddlers and other kids enjoying the season. In addition, find tips on how you make your summer safe and keep your children healthy all season long.

Toddler Outdoor Fun
Enjoy summer sun with these simple and delightful outdoor activities for early walkers and young kids.

30 Days of Summer Activities
Ever find yourself stuck in the house thinking, "What on earth are we going to do today?" Well, fret no more. Keep your kids happy and busy with this list of fun summer activities.

Blowing Bubbles With Your Toddlers
Bubble blowing is the perfect summer or spring activity for young children. Plus, in addition entertaining your toddler, it might also support language development.

30 Days of Summer Fun for Kids Newsletter
30 Days of Summer Fun is a 30-day newsletter packed with all the fun ideas for projects, crafts, food and outings featured on this page -- but it comes directly to you via e-mail! In addition, you'll find tips on how to make your summer safe and keep your children healthy all season long.

Spring and Summer Fun for Toddlers and Twos
Enjoy the sun and playtime outdoors with these great warm-weather ideas.

Road Trip Tips - Parents of Toddlers Share Road Trip Tips
Parents of Toddlers share their best tips for road trips.

Road Trips with Toddlers
Taking a road trip with toddlers in tow can be just as fun and less expensive than a traditional vacation involving air travel. Follow these tips to stay safe, make the most of your time on the road and keep your sanity intact.

Beach Fun
Get some tips about enjoying the seaside with yourng children.

Make Fourth of July Popsicles
How to make Fourth of July popsicles, much like the "bomb-pops" you used to buy from the ice cream man.

Pool Safety Quiz
Take this quiz and test your knowledge of pool safety.

Easy Toddler Suncatchers
How to make suncatchers with older infants and toddlers. A quick, fun activity that requires few materials.

Salsa Recipe
Recipe for Salsa. Mild enough for your youngest to enjoy. Jalepenos optional!

Watermelon Ice Recipe
A recipe for watermelon ice. Perfect for hot summer days.

Prevent Popsicle Mess
A quick tip to cut down on popsicle mess with infants and toddlers.

5 Musical Instruments You Can Make at Home
Here are a variety of musical instruments you can make at home for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Home Made Playdough Recipes
Little hands love stimulation, and these playdough recipes will keep them busy for a long time. All can be made at home with standard pantry ingredients.

Beach Activities
Fun ways to enjoy the sand and surf with your child.

Home Made Paint Recipes
Painting helps active toddlers learn fine motor skills and encourages them to explore the feel of different textures. Stimulate your child with these recipes for paints that you can make right at home.

Home Made Bubble Recipes
Easy recipes for bubbles you can have fun with indoors or outdoors.

Make a Quick Dry Erase or Chalk Board
Large dry erase boards and chalkboards can be expensive, but they are a fun way to give your child a ready and renewable space for creative art. Here's how you can make your own.

Carrot - Banana Smoothie Recipe
Here is a recipe for a carrot - banana smoothie that is suitable for older children, but also for infants who are already eating table food.

One Pan Potatoes and Chicken Dijon
Recipe for one pan potatoes and chicken dijon. Just 20 minutes and dinner's ready.

Easy Strawberry Shortcake
A quick and easy recipe for strawberry shortcake that you can make with the kids.

Sand and Water Table Review from One Step Ahead
The ideal sand and water table is safe, durable, and guaranteed to entertain and engage young kids for long stretches. How does the sand and water table fromo One Step Ahead measure up? See what we think.

Products for Toddlers to Make Summer Sizzle
Great pics for enjoying the summer days.

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