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Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

4 Simple, Inexpensive Projects for the Holidays


Creating Christmas crafts is a wonderful tradition for parents and children. You may think you have to wait until your child is older before you can start the custom, but there are plenty of projects that even young toddlers can help with. Each of the simple crafts below also offer opportunities for you to introduce colors and shapes, and talk abaout the texture of materials. Most of all -- you can have lots of fun with these easy ideas.

Cotton Ball Snowman

Let your tot build a snowman without getting her mittens wet.

What you need:
- Black construction paper
- 1-cup measuring cup
- White crayon
- Box of cotton balls
- Glue in a small disposable cup
- Scraps of colored paper cut into snowman accessories (eyes, nose, scarf, arms, hat, etc.)
- Glitter (optional)

How to do it: With the white crayon, trace the base of the measuring cup to create three circles (one on top of the other). Show your child how to dip the cotton balls into glue and affix them into the bottom two circles. Help her color in the top circle with the white crayon. Let her drop a little glue (using a Popsicle stick) onto pre-cut shapes you've made with paper to add eyes, nose, and mouth to the top circle. She can add a scarf, arms, and any other accessories she wants with the paper shapes.

Personalize Placemats

Your toddler can make of a place mat for himself and everyone else at your Christmas dinner.

What you need:
- Seasonal-colored construction paper (red, green, gold or yellow)
- Coloring materials (finger paints, crayons, markers)
- Holiday cookie cutter
- Small pieces of left over and discarded bits of decoration (ribbon, tinsel, etc)
- Individual pictures of your child and other family members (optional)
- Clear contact paper

How to do it: Your child can design a placement using the paints, add holiday images by tracing the cookie cutters, and then place loose pieces of decorations and a personal photo on each sheet of paper. Cover the top of the sheet with a piece of contact paper, letting a little bit hang over the edge of the paper. Flip over the paper and cover the other side with a sheet of contact paper. Trim the contact paper to ensure no stickiness is left facing out.

Hand Print Stocking

Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake with your toddler.

What you need:
- Solid-color stocking
- Fabric paint
- Glue
- Glitter

How to do it: You can purchase a solid red or white stocking or sew a Christmas stocking yourself. Next, paint your child's had with a different color fabric paint and have him press his palm and fingers down on the stocking to create an impression of his hand print. Using glitter, write your child's name and the year. Sprinkle the glitter with glue and let it all dry before wrapping for grandma or hanging it up by the fire for Santa Claus.

Christmas Angel

Using pre-cut shapes and her own hands, your child can fill your home with "Gloria!"

What you need: - White Construction paper
- Blue construction paper cut into a triangle
- Yellow construction paper cut into a circle
- Drawing tools (i.e., toddler-friendly crayons)
- Yellow yarn
- Glue placed in a disposable cup with a Popsicle stick to spread it
- Blue paint
- Glitter (optional)

How to do it: Have your child spread glue onto one side of the blue triangle and lay it on the white paper in the middle towards the bottom of the sheet. She can then glue the circle to the top of the triangle. Help her use use crayons to draw a face in the circle. Using the yarn, help her shape hair and a halo for the angel. and glue these on. As the next step, dip your child's hand in blue paint one at a time and press them on each side of the triangle dress to create wings. Sprinkle gold or silver glitter on the wet paint for a final angelic effect.

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