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Toddler Birthday Parties

Here are some ideas for planning your child's birthday parties, including cakes, themes, invitations and games.
  1. First Birthday Party Ideas (8)

Toddler Birthday Party Planning
Find tips for planning a birthday for your one year old, two year old, or three year old.

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
See what readers have offered as great tips for a toddler birthday party and share your own ideas.

Make Your Own Birthday Party Hats
Make party hats that fit your kid's birthday theme following the instructions in this free craft tutorial.

Birthday Gifts for Older Toddlers
These toys make great toddler gifts for the 18-to-24-month-old child who is mastering mobility and exploring the more physical aspects of his world.

Birthday Gifts for 2- and 3-Year-Olds
These toys make great gifts for the 2-to-3-year-old child who can be very active at times and yet will readily engage in quiet, cognitive activities at other times.

Beyond the Cake: Serving Food at a Kid's Birthday Party
How to plan a menu for a kid's birthday party

Kids birthday party timeline
Follow this timeline that leads up to your kid's birthday party to stay organized and ensure the party is a success. And use this sample agenda as a guide for your child's birthday party.

Choose the Best Birthday Theme for Ages 2-4
Looking for a birthday theme for your toddler or preschooler? Consider these party ideas.

Construction Birthday Party
A mom adds handmade touches to a construction birthday party she throws for her 2-year-old son.

Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party
Looking for a unique birthday party theme for a young girl? How about building the theme around a classic fairy tale like Little Red Riding Hood? Here's how About's Guide to Kids' Parties carried out a Little Red Riding Hood birthday party.

Kids' Birthday Cakes Gallery
Wondering what to serve for dessert at your kid's birthday party? Check out this photo gallery of cute birthday cakes for ideas.

Top Birthday Fashions for Girls
What will she wear on her birthday? Did you know that she has more options than just a pretty dress? Suddenly, birthday wear is everywhere!

Birthday Party Hat Templates
Print out and make personalized party hats for your next birthday party. They are easy to print and make, and they are free.

Free, Printable Birthday Party Invitations
Make your own cards to invite people to your next birthday party celebration! They are easy to print and make and they are free.

Little Kid Birthday Cakes Gallery
The birthday parties for babies and pre-schoolers are especially perfect for character themes, so you'll find many themed cakes at these little kid birthday parties. Enjoy this gallery of cakes submitted by proud readers.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Babies and Kids
Coming up with decent birthday cake ideas for your baby or big kid can be a struggle. Sometimes to discover what you are looking for, it's best to leaf through pictures of cakes to find the right inspiration. This gallery of cakes range from traditional to the tad-bit odd, but might help you along the way.

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