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Toddler Milestones


Each day your toddler is growing and learning by leaps and bounds. In addition to growth and developmental milestones, your child will be experiencing many events and taking on tasks for the first time. Learn more about the memorable milestones taking place in your toddler's life.
  1. Walking
  2. Talking
  3. Independence and Self-Help Skills
  4. Food Milestones
  1. More Toddler Firsts
  2. Tell Us About Your Toddler's Milestones
  3. Growth Charts


Some time around the time your toddler is a year old, he will take those first steps.


The toddler years start with just a few words and quickly grow to a vocabulary with hundreds of words.

Independence and Self-Help Skills

Toddlers are beginning to explore their emerging identities and learn skills that will stay with them for life.

Food Milestones

The toddler years are full of firsts. Some are bittersweet like weaning while others (like using utensils) will have you beaming with pride.

More Toddler Firsts

Be sure to keep those baby books updated with these toddler milestones, too.

Tell Us About Your Toddler's Milestones

Parents share stories about those special firsts and milestones. Share your story, too.

Growth Charts

Use these growth charts to record and monitor your toddler's growth milestones.

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