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Kiddi-o by Kettler Racer Trike

Are You Better Buying Two Different Products?

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Kiddi-o by Kettler Racer Trike

Kiddi-o by Kettler Racer Trike is an okay tricycle, but not more

We actually received this trike as a gift. I immediately liked the "grow-with-me" factor that this push-trike/ride-alone-bike seemed to provide. However, as we used it, we realized that it wasn't the be-all-things-for-all-tots toy that we had hoped it would be. In the end, for the price, I think you might be better off buying a more traditional ride-on bike for younger toddlers and a more stable tricycle that your tot can use from about 2 1/2 to 5.


  • 5-position adjustible frame
  • steering lock allows parents to lock the front wheel in a straight position to push toddler
  • freewheel setting allows older tots to pedal, brake, and coast on their own
  • 4-position adjustable ergonomic high back tricycle seat with hand hold
  • smooth ride inflated wheels f
  • low center of gravity design to prevent tipping
  • removable rear tipping storage bucket
  • 3 position tricycle pushbar
  • recommended for ages are 1 to 5 years

Great Idea, but...

This is a great design idea. A bucket seat with a strap is safe and comfy for age 1 thrugh 5. The idea is that you can push a younger child using the high push bar. As your child grows, he can move on to pedaling himself.

The issue we ran int -- even at 2 years old, my son wasn't able to reach the pedals at the lowest setting. Granted, he's a bit on the shor side (But not off the scales or anything). His feet fell at an awkward place -- he couldn't pedal himself, but he couldn't sit comfortable to allow mom to push him without his feet getting caught up in the pedal system.

My older son used the Kiddio for a while. He was 3 1/2 when we got it and it was a good size for him. Within 6 months, though, he was tipping the bike over everytime he road it because he would go too fast. Again, he's a bit on the smaller side, so it's not like he was an above-average 4 year old.

In general, I felt that this was a good product for a 3 year old, but didn't meet the needs of younger or older children as promised.

Assembly -- Beware

The instructions for the trike were very confusing. We felt like we were guessing a few times about how exactly things fit together. The safety belt, installed as indicated, would not have been safe. we put holes into the strap and screwed it to the seat to keep the belt in place. It worked well like that (and stood up when my older son knocked to the ground repeatedly. No matter what, remember to always have your child wear a helmet when riding.
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