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Books for Infants and Young Toddlers


Good books for infants and toddlers are those that will endure many hours of mouthing and page turning. Look for books that are cloth, vinyl or made of thick, durable cardboard (often called "board books"). In addition, children this age learn best from rhyming books or those that make use of short repetitive words or phrases. Here are some good picks for this age range:

1. Pat the Bunny

Pat the Bunny
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Pat the Bunny is a classic infant/toddler book that children will want to read over and over again. It has plenty of tactile stimulation integrated throughout, and focuses on events and things that are very familiar to children of this age.
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2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
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This is another classic children's book, but now it's available in board-book format. It features repetitive questions about animals and colors that your child will soon be able to answer before you even turn the page.
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3. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
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This board book is especially fun for the toddler who is just learning to make animal and other sounds. In addition, you just can't go wrong with a book from Dr. Suess.
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4. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon
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How I wish they'd had this in board book format when my son was a baby. We went through several copies, as it was his favorite bedtime read until he was nearly three. Have fun finding all the little items in the pictures (comb, brush, mittens, kittens) as your child grows.
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5. Baby Faces

Baby Faces
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Research has shown that babies just love looking at other babies. This book is a DK book, famous for vibrant color images against white backgrounds. Help your child learn to recognize emotions by naming what each child is feeling in the pictures.
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6. My First Baby Signs

My First Baby Signs
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This book is a great way to introduce signing to your baby. Even before he learns to talk, you'll have a way to communicate. Practice the signs with your child as you read and be sure to praise correct signing for reinforcement.
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7. Sheep in a Jeep

Sheep in a Jeep
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This book has quick, short rhymes that your infant or toddler will love. As an added bonus, the rhymes are just ridiculous enough to read aloud with older children as well.
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8. I See a Cow

I See a Cow
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This book is a board book that has designs on a plastic surface on each page. The difference in textures is fascinating (and stimulating) to babies and toddlers.
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9. Potty Training Books

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Reading about potty training can be a good first step toward introducing toileting words and concepts to your child. It can also help decrease fear of the toilet and make your toddler more comfortable with this very big step in his life.

10. Books About Physical Activity

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These books can help introduce concepts and vocabulary that have to do with dancing, sports, the body, movement and being physically active.

11. Books to Read with Siblings

Welcome with Love
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When a new baby is on the way, prepare siblings for the arrival with these top book picks. These books help explain what will happen once baby is home and help older children learn how to deal with feelings of jealousy and confusion.

12. Lamaze Books

Fly Away Ladybug
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These books by Lamaze are educational, durable and fun. They feature classic stories that babies love and will want to read time and time again. In addition, these books have an unconditional lifetime guarantee, so even if the original book doesn't make it through, a replacement will.
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