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Readers Respond: What Does Your Toddler's Diet Look Like?

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So, what does a toddler's diet look like over the course of a day? Here, parents share what a typical day looks like for their toddler. Need a starting place? Just start with what your toddler ate yesterday? If yesterday wasn't a typical day (and we all have those days), share what an average day looks like including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and whether or not your toddler took a bottle or nursed.

My 15-Month-Old's Toddler Diet

My baby girl is a bigger one, she is more into rice. She really loves to eat, I don't have any problems feeding her. Usually at breakfast we have some toasted bread with butter or sandwich, egg and hot dog and juice or fresh milk, sometimes she'll have fruit like banana or papaya. Lunch time - she eats rice, veggies and fish or pork meat, juice/water. She loves to eat veggies especially carrots and pumpkin. Her snack would be fruits like apple, banana or oranges or biscuits and juice or yogurt. In the evening, we'll have rice, soup, veggies and meat. She's still having her formula milk in between breakfast-lunch-dinner and before bedtime.
—Guest emie

Not Too Fussy Twosome

For my 1-year-old and 3-year-old - Breakfast: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, pancakes, milk. Snack: fruit. Lunch: cracker, cheese, turkey. Snack: yogurt. Dinner: veggie stir fry with tons of veggies, grilled chicken breast, mix of jasmine and brown rice. The 1-year-old is still nursing at bedtime. Both kids have lots of water, whole juice and milk throughout the day.
—Guest candybarssoap

Nothing Green

People, please be happy what your toddlers are eating! My guy - breakfast is either Cheerios, a smoothie, or a yogurt; snack is usually a cheese stick or fruit; lunch is a bagel with cream cheese, or sliced cheese and on a rare occasion turkey; dinner is macaroni, chicken or fish and baby carrots. The child hasn't eaten anything green since he was 2. He will not touch a bean or soup. You guys are doing a fabulous job with what the kids are eating. Way to go, moms!
—Guest liza

My Toddler's Diet

Breakfast: yogurt, oats, orange, rooibos tea. Snack: banana, juice. Lunch: Toast, scrambled egg, fish finger. Snack: Blueberry muffin, apple. Supper: Meatballs and spaghetti, juice/water. Snack/dessert: Jelly and/or custard
—Guest Mambrie May

A Good Eater

My little 24-month-old son's typical diet is: for Breakfast: Oatmeal, whole grain cereals such as Kashi, milk, fresh fruit and berries, scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, pancake or waffle with a drizzle of maple syrup etc. Snacks include yogurt, fresh fruit or veggies, cheese, whole wheat crackers, rice cakes, dry fruits, nuts and seeds. My toddler also loves peanut butter (all natural kind). Lunch: Sandwich with lunch meat, tuna peanut butter or grilled cheese, Dinner: steamed vegetables, fresh salad. grilled chicken, fish, red meat about 1-2 times per week. Baked sweet or regular potato, brown rice or bulgar wheat, whole wheat pasta with pasta sauce and cheese and so forth.
—Guest KulliY

Lots of Variety

(One per day) Breakfast: cereal, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, breakfast burrito, muesli... Lunch: PB&J, meat-cheese-crackers, tuna, green mac and cheese, leftovers... Dinner: varies widely, tacos, casserole, meat and veggies, burgers, etc... Snacks: yogurt, applesauce, cheese, granola bar, homemade muffin or bread, cottage cheese, apples and peanut butter, bananas and cocoa. It really depends on the day!
—Guest Heidi

My Little Vegetarian

My son, who is 2 1/2, really doesn't eat meat, since his father and I don't eat it, either. For breakfast, we usually have eggs and whole grain toast with jam or jelly, then he might have a snack of some crackers and peanut butter. Lunch is usually mac and cheese with green peas and fruit, or we might have vegetable sushi - my toddler loves avocado and cucumber rolls. Dinner is usually some kind of veggie protein - seitan or tempeh, or rice and beans - and lots of whole grains like brown rice, kasha or bulgur. My weakness is desert - I love ice cream and cookies, and we usually have some graham crackers in the house. But he eats plenty of fruit and veggies, and we've never had a problem with constipation. He gets the occasional piece of venison or duck from one of my husband's hunting trips, but absolutely no store-bought meat. Our eggs are from our own chickens, too. He's one of the healthiest toddlers we've ever seen!

Mostly Fruits and Nuts

For me a menu is easy. Breakfast, lunch and supper and in between (actually every hour) my grandbaby eats fruit and nuts, drinks water in his sippy cup and has goat's milk as his sleep time drink. He has rooibos or green tea during the night if needed. He has probiotics for babies in his milk bottle at night and has never been ill and never been constipated.
—Guest jenny krisch

Needs More Veggies!

My 19-month-old's daily (general) diet involves : Breakfast - milk, brown toast with peanut butter or plain butter or cereal and fruit (banana, strawberries, apple); Snack - rice cakes or crackers and fruit; Lunch - brown toast with butter or cream cheese, meat slices, cheese chunks, avocado or whatever we have on hand (apples, strawberries, etc.), sometimes scrambled eggs instead of meat slices; Snack - same as before but with more milk; Dinner - pasta or rice with a sauce of some sort and veggies (carrots, peas, broccoli, corn). Dinner varies widely.
—Guest Holly

Not Enough Veggies?

I hadn't thought much about it before sitting down to write this, but my toddler isn't getting enough veggies but he does eat a lot of fruit. In a day I'd say it normally goes like this: Breakfast - some sort of bread like toast, apple slices, cheese, soy milk. Snack - pineapple or other fruit. Lunch - Veggie soup with beans and noodles, pears or other fruit, soy milk. Snack - Avocado or cheese on toast or in a tortilla, maybe some fruit or juice. Dinner - Chicken or fish dish with pasta or rice, green beans or broccoli and carrots, soy milk. He has always suffered from constipation so I guess that's why we eat so much fruit. Maybe I should be adding more vegetables, too, though.
—Guest StacyK

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