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Readers Respond: First Taste of Chocolate

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Chocolate. It's a long way from strained peas and carrots. Some parents introduce chocolate at holidays like Easter or Valentine's Day, while others decide to wait until the first birthday cake. What did you decide to do and how did your child react to the taste of chocolate? What was your child's first taste of chocolate like?

My Greedy Grandson Ryan

My grandson has learned to say "chocolate" very quickly and he asks for chocolate every other day or so; but he does not like to share. Grandpa and I sat with him today and tried to all have a small piece of chocolate together but even though Ryan got his first he gave us "unpleasant" stares while we ate ours. He wanted it all to himself!
—Guest Grandma

What a pity...

She was 8 months old the first time she got a taste of chocolate. Then she kept scratching her face for the whole day. The skin under her eyes looked dark and purple. Her skin broke out in an itchy, red rash. She just can't eat chocolate!!! :-(

The Babysitter Did It!

When my son was almost a year old, he stayed with a babysitter while we went to a concert. I thoroughly checked out this babysitter, who was also a family child care provider and figured all would be well. When we got back it was very late, but he was still awake. That was my first clue that maybe things weren't going as I'd hoped... I couldn't see him when I walked in but I could hear him making this very content "Mmmmmmm" sound over and over. I thought maybe he was in his portable crib trying to self-soothe and get to sleep, so I started walking toward the noise. But it was coming from the kitchen... So, when I get there I find him in a high chair with a tray full of M&M candies. I was mortified not only because he'd never had chocolate but also due to the possibility of choking. I was just stunned. At the same time, though, I'll never forget the very happy look on his face as he savored every morsel of that chocolate. It's one of his favorite treats when he can get it.
—Guest Barbara

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