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From the article: Potty Training 101
There are numerous theories about how to potty training a child "right." Finding the strategies that work for you and your child may mean considering all of these theories and identifying the technique that suit your child's personality and your family dynamic. Share Potty Training Tips

potty training and special needs

No one talks about the difficulties or ease in children with special needs. My son is 5 and still not finished with trainers, but my son also has Down syndrome. We have been working with him for going on 3years as well as preschool. It can be very difficult, he doesn't speak as of yet, and at times is very resistant to using the potty. He is very difficult compared to my oldest 2,they were a breeze. For the ones that are able to have their kids done by 1, congrats but not feasible with mine as he still wasn't sitting up @1. Different children have different abilities.
—Guest lisa

sucess for girls!

At exactly 2 and a half I put my daughter in panties and of course asked her every 20 min if she had to go, and every time she wet her panties we said "uh-oh" and rushed to the toilet then sat her on. In 4 days she was trained. We've never used pull ups, only kushies lined panties in the car seat and then she's aware when she has an accident. Incredibly there's been about only 4...she couldn't stand the wet and foreign feeling on her skin.
—Guest mum

potty training early

when you potty train early especially with younger children you need to ask them very frequeltly if they have to use the potty they may say no but take them any ways cause most likely they will go. when you are potty training you need to have a treat or reward they ONLY get when they use the potty. the reward or treat you give is NOT to be given to them at any other time expect when they use the potty. make sure u praise them for trying to go if they dont go. make sure with the reward system everone knows what treat or reward they get and make sure they know not to give that treat or reward to thm any other time
—Guest honeypotters

Bowel Withholders

It's not a hot topic among moms and chances are it's a subject that doesn't come up in any parenting classes. Recently, it's been referred to as an "epidemic" and in some cases, can be the cause of wetting accidents. Bowel withholding is on the rise...for any of you experiencing this frustrating aspect of potty training, a book dealing with this topic is FINALLY available. "I Can't, I Won't, No Way!" A Book for Children Who Refuse to Poop is written entirely from a child's perspective. It might not solve the problem but, it will definitely help adults and tots realize that they are not alone in this struggle!

potty training early

well i agree you should potty train them at an early age but at an early age they dont just want to sit there and do nothing so you give them a book to look at while they are going to the bathroom and when they are done they leave the book in the bathroom

Potty Training Tips

I potty trained both my kids when they turned ONE year of age. It was easy, took about 3 days each, and they never wet the bed. Waiting until they are older, 2 or 3 years of age, is in my opinion, WAY too late. Kids are easy to train when young, but by the time they have memory of "going" in a diaper, it makes it harder to break the habit. Plus, the expense of continuing to buy diapers after they turn one is mind boggling. Do the math, figure up how much you spend on diapers. Give your household budget a raise and make life easier for you and your children, potty train beginning first birthday!! It gives your kids much more self-confidence because it's easy for them to learn when they are younger and they are proud of themselves for that independence. I'm now a grandmother, and my kids have already decided they will potty train my grandchildren at age one as well.
—Guest Connie Jones

Books about using the potty

My daughter really responded to several of the children's books that show a child learning to use the Potty. She especially liked the lift the flap one by Katz.
—Guest Allison

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Potty Training Tips from Parents

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