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Readers Respond: How Have You Handled Potty Training Setbacks?

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I've yet to meet a parent who has gone through potty training without experiencing at least a momentary setback: After many accident-free days, there's suddenly a day full of nothing but. A toddler who was interested in sitting on the potty for weeks suddenly couldn't care less. The pee is under control for months but the poop accidents, well, there's no end in sight. What are the potty training setbacks you've had to deal with and how did you manage to get through it? Share your tips with other parents who might be in the same situation.

Cool Underwear

With my son, letting him pick his underwear helped (we bought about three 10-packs). Put underwear on during the daytime (except naps) and nighttime. For some reason he didn't want to mess up his cool new underwear. There were a couple of messes, but I just keep reminding him he is a big boy.
—Guest stacy

Peeing in Corners Rather than the Toilet

My niece used to go and squat in the corners of the room and pee. My sister-in-law fixed that in a hurry by putting her on the potty as soon as she got up and making her stay there until she did her business. My niece hated it. So, she decided that it's easier to go to the potty when needed rather than have mommy stick her on the potty and keep her there until her deed was done.
—Guest Jill
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