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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Date Night Dinners?

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The kids are with your grandparents or at the sitter and you finally have the house all to yourself for a romantic dinner. Now, what do you do? Whip up a sumptuous feast solo, cook a meal together or order delicious take out? Share your favorite date night dinners with other readers.

Chinese Food

I like to make Chinese food and it's pretty fast once you get all the vegetables going. I make two dishes plus rice and noodles or pancakes. I make something pork or beef and then something chicken or shrimp. That way we have two different things and we can feed each other with our chop sticks. It's funny and romantic at the same time and always reminds me of feeding each other cake on our wedding day. And I always make sure we have fortune cookies so we can continue looking into the future together.
—Guest alissaM78

Take Out!

We sometimes cook something, but usually since I'm a SAHM, I go get dinner and have it all ready for my husband when he gets home. It gives us more time for other things (if you know what I mean) and plus, who wants to worry about all those dishes later? I have a great Italian place down the street so I pick up a nice bottle of wine and there you go. I do set the stage though with my best plates, candles, etc. I even hide the high chair and we make a rule that we can't talk about the kids the whole time! LOL.
—Guest Andrea

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