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Readers Respond: How Did you Introduce the Big Bed to Your Toddler?

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Moving from a crib to a big bed is an exciting miletone for your toddler. Some parents make the transition slowly while others find a "cold turkey" approach works for them. How did you introduce your toddler to his new bed? What worked for you or what problems did you experience?

When He Wanted To

We bought a twin bed at a yard sale and set it up in my son's room with a rail attached when he was about 15 months. I used it to nurse him during the night, and we occasionally used it as a guest bed. Finally when he was about 18 months, he decided that he wanted to sleep in the big bed and that was it. No more crib. We took the crib out a short while later and never looked back. And, since we bought a twin bed to start with, we're very happy that we won't have to have anymore transitions. He has plenty of room to grow in his bed for years!
—Guest Yva

No Trouble Introducing the Big Bed

Changing my son from his crib to hid toddler bed was sooooo easy. It all started one afternoon when he was by himself playing on his room. I was watching the news and I notice he was very quite, I went to check on him and I found him playing inside his crib. He climbed in all by himself. Next day I went to the store and bought a toddler bed, got home put it together and as soon as he saw his new bed he jumped on it and he loved it. That night I put him to bed and explain that was his new bed, a big boy bed and that I was very proud of him, he went to sleep and woke up only in the morning. All this change happen just two weeks ago, on January 16. He is 2 years old and 5 months. He has being sleeping on his big boy bed for two weeks with no trouble. If he wakes up during the night, he doesn't get out of bed, he just calls "mommy." It very easy and i'm very lucky.

This Is How I Did It

When it was time for my first daughter to move into her own room, it was a difficult time, as it is for all parents I'm supposing. I explained the big girl thing and that daddy needs to get some sleep. I got her a really comfortable bed and asked her to choose some of her favourite teddies that she wanted to cuddle up to. Then for the first few weeks, I would read her a story and wait until she fell asleep, and slowly move further down the bed each night until eventually I could leave the room. Sometimes I would put a chair at the bottom of the bed and sit in it until she went to sleep, and then I would leave the room with a dim light on and the door ajar. My 2nd daughter -- the little monkey -- wanted to be a big girl like her sister. I thought, "Oh great," but she sneaks in my bed about 4 in the morning with her blanket. Hahahaha.

One Word: DORA!

My (adult) daughter was expecting baby #2. Baby #1 is 19 months old. They were moving 3 weeks before baby #2's due date. When my daughter moved, she put up the DORA Toddler Bed instead of the crib that the now 20 month old had been in at the old house. She LOVES her DORA bed! A few days after the move-in, the crib was set up for the new baby. My daughter and her husband had a good bedtime routine in place before they moved, so it all happened very easily. One thing though--they had to put drawer locks on the dressers because the little darling emptied the drawers many nights in a row!!! Lucky she can't reach the doorknob to escape from her room.

my unfourtunate selfishness...

I was actually all done getting up in the middle of the night to go get Rachel and bring her into my bed every night....(yea, still paying that price) We gave her a toddler bed, and she could come into my room if she wanted and wouldn't wake me up to get her...our new baby sleeps all night in his crib and doesn't wake me up, I very much like the idea of the bed in his room to help get used to it, and the reading and snuggling seems like a extremely sensible approach...
—Guest dani

She Chose When She Was Ready

We also had my daughter's bed and crib set up in her room. When she was around 2 years old, we moved her crib over to make room for her big girl bed. We started by reading stories in her big girl bed and snuggling there before she would go to her crib. Eventually she, and my older daughter too, asked to sleep in their big girl beds when they felt ready. It made it very easy.
—Guest Jodi

We had to figure out where she wanted it

We had both the crib and a toddler bed in my daughter's room for quite a while. It was strange because she didn't want anything to do with the bed. She would go to the crib instead every single night. Then I moved the bed to vacuum one day and had it by the window and left it there because I liked how it looked, figuring she wouldn't even go to it that night since she never did. And BOOM she wanted to sleep in it that night. I was afraid she was going to be too cold because it was winter, but she didn't care. Once the bed was by the window she wanted to sleep there and we moved the crib out a couple of weeks later.
—Guest Connie

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