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What do toddlers need?


A good bib (for all that teething drool), a toy that sparks their imaginations, and a buddy to play with are nice additions to the essentials -- diapers or potty training gear, food, and love. But what about all the other "stuff"? Image: M. Ryan

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Toddlers and Pets

Sunday March 30, 2014
That is not my bunny. Much to their disappointment, my children need to visit other people's homes (or in the case of this picture, the town library) to play with pets. My husband and I briefly considered getting a dog, but I felt it was too much responsibility on top of what I was already juggling -- especially when it came to trying to keep Little Guy from pulling a tail or sticking fingers in a canine's mouth.

While we've decided that our toddler is not ready for a pet, we have plenty of friend who have created cheerful homes filled with small children and furry or feathery animals. Our friends have everything from bunnies to dogs, chickens to cats.

If you're thinking about a pet, consider what makes for a good child/pet relationship and the pros and cons of dogs, cats, or exotic animals. Then, if you decide to bring a pet into your home, invite us over -- my kids are dying for more animal time!

Spring, Spring, We Want Spring

Wednesday March 26, 2014
toddler outdoor fun
We actually had snow this morning. Not much, but it killed the hope for warmth. Next week it looks like we're scheduled for some long overdue high temperatures. I can't wait, and I know Little Guy is just busting to be outside more for fresh air fun. The older kids are designing a backyard obstacle course that their little brother than conquer. I'm preparing for a few trips to the playground.

So hurry up spring~

Welcome St. Paddy's Day

Wednesday March 12, 2014
We're getting ready for the the big green day. It's an important religious feast day, but it has take on other significance as well. It's a time to sing, dance, craft, and get ready to welcome spring -- and whom among us ins't eager for some spring after this winter?

Of course, the day has a bad reputation for being nothing but a drinking fest. In truth, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate with toddlers.

Toddler Product Reviews

Saturday March 1, 2014
What do toddlers need? Not much beyond the essentials. However, if you're shopping for toys and outdoor gear or health and wellness products, you want to be sure you buy the best of the best. Check our list of product reviews that include everything from train play sets to diapers to summer backyard fun.

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