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Your toddler needs structured as well as unstructured play time to develop normally. Try to create a day for your child that is well-balanced. Choose activities that are loud and quiet, indoors and outdoors, those that require small muscles like finger painting, large muscles like running or playing with a ball and cognitive skills like simple puzzles. If you need help planning toddler activities, give these a try.
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Simple Toddler Activities

Rainbow Finger Paint

Activities you plan for your child that involve those things you have handy can be more fun for toddlers than expensive toys. You can enjoy playdough, bubbles, paints, and everyday objects that hold magical surprises. The best part is that they'll also save you money.

Toddler Books

From Head to Toe

Reading is something your toddler can benefit from every day. It will increase your child's vocabulary and lay the foundation for much of his future learning. It's also just a whole lot of fun.

Toddler Activities for Large Motor Skills Development

Pink Ball

Once your toddler is on the move, it may seem that all he wants to do is work those large muscle groups. Walking, running, kicking and throwing - it's all so new to him and so much fun. Here are some more ways your toddler can develop large motor skills.

Toddler Toys


Toys can provide many hours of education and entertainment for your toddler. They're also one of the ways that your child experiences unstructured play time, which is important for making connections in the brain, gaining independence and learning problem solving skills.

Toddler Activities Videos

Playground Safety

Watch these videos to learn more about age-appropriate activities and safety issues to keep in mind when planning things for your toddler to do.

Toddler Crafts

Cassandra at the Beach

Enjoy a bit of mess as you help your toddler make something special with paints, crayons, and, yes, even scissors.

Special Events and Occasions for Young Kids

toddler birthday

Enjoy holidays and special occasions with toddlers and 2-year-olds. From Winter holidays to birthday fun, discover age-appropriate activities and ideas.

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