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Your 1 Year Old: Motor, Cognitive, Verbal, and Social Skills


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Gross Motor Skills You Can Expect Kids to Master by Age 1
The twelve month mark is a little like that last gasp of infancy, at least physically. From this point on, your child's body shape will begin to change as she becomes more active, which will lead to more muscle tone and less baby fat.

These movement changes are part of her gross motor skill development, which is associated with the improved use of large muscle groups like her arms and legs. Around age one, these new skills will manifest in her ability to:

  • get into a sitting-up position on her own
  • crawl
  • pull herself up to stand using your hands or furniture
  • walk (or "toddle") by holding on to furniture
  • possibly stand on her own
  • possibly take a few steps without holding onto you or another support

Highlight: Around this age, your baby may start "cruising." This is when she moves about pretty quickly by grabbing hold of furniture or other objects. Of course, your new toddler doesn't know which objects are stationary and okay to grab on to, so you should be careful not to keep unsteady items in her path. Folding tables, delicate breakables, and stacked items that can topple could all pose a danger. Since it will now be easier for her to access different parts of the house, you also want to sure you've baby proofed well.

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