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Your 1 Year Old: Motor, Cognitive, Verbal, and Social Skills


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Social Skills That Children Develop by Age 1
Young toddlers can be a bit unpredictable. One minute your child ignores you, the next he's clinging to you with all his might. It's very normal for your one-year-old's temperament to fluctuate and for him to display more anxiety than before. But, while you may notice him become a bit more weary of strangers, you'll also see an amazing desire to interact with others, especially siblings and regular caretakers.

By 12 months of age, you'll probably see him:

  • react to unfamiliar situations or people with shyness or nervousness
  • show preference for mom or dad or certain caregivers
  • have a favorite toy or spot in the house
  • help you help him get dressed by putting out legs or switching arms
  • play "peek-a-boo," "pat-a-cake," or other interactive games

Highlight: Peek-a-boo can actually let you teach young children the idea of permanence, which will help a child with separation anxiety to understand that, while you might leave the room (or the house) for a period of time, you will come back. Try variations with toys, hiding them under a blanket and then unveiling them with a dramatic "peek-a-boo!" You can then move on to hide-and-seek-type games where you hide in easy-to-find places and let your toddler find you. As she realizes that you'll always be found, she may become better able to spend time away from you.

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