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Your 2 Year Old: Motor, Cognitive, Verbal, and Social Skills


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Fine Motor Skills to Look for by Age 2
Two year olds are just beginning to have better control over their hand and finger movements, which are signs that they're building fine motor skills.

Among the tasks you'll see her start to master are being able to:

  • cover or uncover boxes and other containers
  • stack four or more blocks
  • mold playdough
  • put round and square pegs into holes
  • turn rotating handles (like on a jack-in-the-box toy)
  • scribble or paint
  • use one hand more frequently than another

Highlight: Fine motor skills help your child gain more and more independence at the dinner table. She'll begin to be able to drink from a cup and use a spoon. She can also pick up bite-sized pieces of food and feed herself. But while your child can sit at the table like a bigger kid, she still can't chew and swallow like one. Two year olds could easily gulp food, especially if they're playing or laughing while they eat. So it's important to continue to serve foods that are precut or not too thick, and avoid food that could easily get caught in your child's throat, such as spoonfuls of peanut butter, whole grapes, unsliced hot dogs, and hard candy (including lollipops).

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