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Mothers' Day Crafts for Toddlers

Projects Even Little Kids Can Do


cut out flower

Paper cup + paint + paper = pretty flower!

M. Ryan
There is really nothing as delightful on Mothers' Day as a homemade card or gift from your child, grandchild, or godchild. While toddlers and 2-year-olds are not ready to break out the paints and make you a self portrait, there are many sweet projects that are appropriate for little kids. With guidance and toddler-friendly supplies, your little one can wow the many "moms" in his life with one of these gifts.

Cut Out Flowers. This crafty project involves more advanced art techniques than I usually employ with a small toddler, including scissor cutting, gluing, and painting with multiple colors. But I tried it with my 15-month-old and, overall, it was a great experience. I helped him use scissors to cut a paper cup into a flower with petals. I put the glue down and showed him how to press the cup and cut outs of a stem and leaf into place. Then I let him dab the paint around, guiding his use of the paint brush a bit. (Tip: Use a different paint brush for each paint color to avoid mixing the hues.)

Little Guy was delighted and the end result was a thrill for grandma. See the full instructions for creating cut out flowers from Toddler Approved.

Crayon Window Art. If you love to combine recycling with kid crafts, this project is perfect for your family. Using broken bits of crayons, wax paper, and your regular clothes iron, you can help your toddler create a vibrant transparent crayon window art display.

Candy Plant. Growing a plant is great project for young kids, but it might be a little advanced for young toddlers. Instead, try this alternative, a candy plant that, just as you probably expect, features yummy sweets posing as flowers in a cute decorated pot. Part of the joy for toddlers who work on this activity may be getting to test out the candy, so I recommend you choose toddler-friendly snack for the gift.

Coloring Pages. Toddlers may not have the fine motor skills or interest in coloring, but you can use stickers or dot-making bingo daubers (compare prices) to decorate coloring pages with Mothers' Day or spring themes.

Finger Paint Rainbow. This is just the happiest project you can do with a young child. Using five colors of paint and her own little fingers, your toddler can paint a bright rainbow on a card for her godmother or make decorations for your own Mothers' Day celebration at home. You can even make the finger paints for another toddler-friendly project.

Personalized T-Shirt. Even if your toddler isn't ready to wield a paint brush himself, he can add foot prints and hand prints to a colorful t-shirt specially designed for you or another loved one. Another option is to create a one-of-a-kind apron as a Mothers' Day gift.

Hand Print Wall Hanging. You can also turn your toddler's hand prints into a decorative "plaque" using a simple paper plate, paint, ribbons, and other accouterments to design a hand print wall hanging.

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