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How Do I Handle Using a Potty Chair at a Friend or Family Member's Home?


Question: How Do I Handle Using a Potty Chair at a Friend or Family Member's Home?
A mom is looking for potty training advice. She says:

"If you are starting to potty train your toddler and visit friends and family, is it acceptable to bring a potty along and put it in whatever room that my child is in? Should I put it in the bathroom instead? Some of my family members are saying that it is their house and they don't want to be eating or drinking while he does his potty business. I think they're being rude. Am I wrong?"

Answer: This is a tough one, especially if your toddler has any sort of fear of the bathroom and is already accustomed to using his potty chair elsewhere. It's also tough if your little guy needs the potty close so he can make it there on time without having an accident. At the same time, however, I can sympathize with your friends and family members. Toddler poo can certainly be pretty foul and the bathroom is the appropriate place to handle potty tasks. In addition, it is their home and their wishes should be respected.

I'd say it's time to have a talk with your friends and let them know that it's important to you to keep his potty training on track and part of that success depends on the potty being nearby. Let them know you don't want to limit the time you spend with them, but you'll have to so you can put your son's interests first. If they say there's no way they can deal with the potty being in the living room (or elsewhere) then you'll need to adhere to that or just not visit as often. On the bright side, potty training doesn't last long so your visits will be able to resume before you know it. You can also invite friends and family to your home where you make the rules.

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