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Abella Loves Mommy and Tinkerbell

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By April

Abella Loves Mommy and Tinkerbell

I love my Mommy

Abella Loves Mommy and Tinkerbell

I love Tinkerbell

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Abella age 15 months

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Just thought it was adorable

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Abella was born on 8/6/2009 and was a very happy child. She has gone through a lot of different stages and each one has been such a pleasure. All the doctors said that she was very advanced for her age and still do to this day. She loves to snuggle and be cuddled and loves Yo Gabba Gabba and all of the Tinkerbell movies, but she really loves to be read to. She loves the touch-and-feel books and books with a lot of colorful pictures, She is my sweet, sweet angel and I thank God every day for her.


  • Cuddle your baby as much as you can, it makes them feel safe and loved!!!
  • Warm baths at night and read to them as much as you can.
  • For little ones, touch-and-feel books are great and that show Yo Gabba Gabba is one they seem to really like.
  • Just spend as much time as you can and just love them up they need that, then as they get older they won't try to get attention in a negative way !

Stephanie Brown, About.com Toddlers and Twos, says:

April — Thanks for sharing these pictures of Abella and all your great parenting advice. You are so right. Reading is important and it's best to start early!

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