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Readers Respond: How Do You Treat Diaper Rash?

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From the article: Diaper Rash Remedies
My favorite way to treat diaper rash involved letting my toddler run around sans diaper for as long as I could. That's not always possible, however, so when he had to be clothed I tried a variety of home remedies and commercial concoctions. (A very thin layer of Boudreaux's Butt Paste seemed to do the trick most of the time for us.) What have you tried that works to relieve your toddler's pain and heal diaper rash? Share your diaper rash remedies with other parents.

Healing Diaper Rash Remedy

My newborn granddaughter got a bad diaper rash her fourth day of life. I used Aveeno baby diaper rash cream and used corn starch. It relieved her pain and by the next day she was comfortable. You wipe the baby with rinsed out, fragrance-free wipes, dry the bottom, then you put on the cream and then add the corn starch. I used 100% corn starch and just put enough on the irritated area. Works wonders!
—Guest shirley fierro

Bum Boosa Diaper Rash Cream

Awesome 100% natural, totally effective. Works like magic. Hard to find. I buy it from their website.
—Guest Linda

Triple Paste

We have dealt with stubborn rashes since my son was 2 weeks old. We have seen the dermatologist and gotten prescriptions that never cleared it up. When the rashes get really stubborn we use Triple Paste with A&D coated over the top of that. They do sell Triple paste in 1 pound tubs, which we have invested in. This was the only combination to help clear his poor little butt up! Once we got everything cleared up, we just do a light layer of the Triple Paste to help protect his little bottom even more. So now he is finally rash free! Believe me, we have tried almost everything suggested and this was the only thing that worked! Also, if rashes are really stubborn and consistent, look into the brand of diapers you are using. We switched from the Pampers to the Target brand and noticed a huge difference in that alone.
—Guest Sarah

Alleviate that Diaper Rash

Try Bum Boosa Bamboo Diaper Cream. It is natural and jam packed with super healing herbs, herbal extracts and essential oils that are safe for baby. It also has some Zinc Oxide and bamboo silk powder which is also very healing and gentle.
—Guest SJ

This Worked for All Four of My Kids!

When my kids would get a diaper rash they would scream when they were wiped with baby wipes. Even wipes with no alcohol burn. So I take a few wipes and rinse them out really good with warm water before wiping. Seems that makes the pain 10 times less. Then I coat the skin with Vaseline. I swear it's the only thing that has ever really worked and it's only a couple bucks!!
—Guest Heather

A&D, Desitin, Bacitracin, Liquid Antacid

The BEST remedy given to me by my pediatrician: 1/2 tube A&D, 1/2 tube Desitin, 1 tube Bacitracin, 2-3 tbsp Liquid Antacid (Maalox, etc.). This did the trick when nothing else would.
—Guest Amanda

Healing Calendula Balm

Calendula balm from BioNourish is all organic. Use this healing balm to prevent diaper rash, for minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, cracked lips, dry skin that needs nourishing and soothing care.
—Guest Shelley

Cloth Diapers Reduce Waste

Use cloth diapers. They breathe unlike disposables with the myriad of chemicals and synthetics trapping air.
—Guest Molly

Antifungal plus Natural Remedies

It seemed like my baby's fungal diaper rash would get cleared up, only to come right back. These things finally helped, in combination: rinse out the wipes with water, wash bum with water and gentle soap, air drying, blow drying the skin gently, apply yogurt right to the skin to replace good bacteria that competes with the yeast, apply an OTC antifungal (miconazol, Tolnaftate, clotrimazol), vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel with lidocane in it, make sure diapers are changed as soon as they are dirty. I also used numerous other ointments at different times, with generally the same results as each other. It's the yogurt right on the skin that helped the fastest, with a visible difference almost immediately. That, combined with an antifungal cream, were most helpful.
—Guest Marisa

Magic Butt-Paste

This is what is used in some pediatric hospitals and it is like magic! Desitin (original paste), Milk of Magnesia (liquid laxative), & calamine lotion (like you use on poison ivy or chicken pox). Mix large amount of paste, and small amounts of liquids together...just enough to where it is still in a watered-down, paste form. Smother it onto the rash, and in hours to one day, you will see a major difference! Just make sure you change diapers more frequently. And if you see any open sores develop that weep / puss or smell bad, get your baby to the doc ASAP as it could develop into a staph infection!
—Guest Amy


You can use it safely, no harsh chemicals to prevent those painful rashes, has worked perfectly on my daughter after trying all the other ointments out there, her doctor told me just to use vaseline and it's like magic.
—Guest beck

Bacitracin and Zinc Oxide

When my son was in the hospital for a few weeks, he had horrible rashes. The nurses created "butt balm" mixing a tube of each of these. The rash was better in hours. The bacitracin is an antibiotic and can be found in its own tube, or as part of triple antibiotic cream. And Zinc Oxide is part of most rash creams like Desitin (a DR can order just straight Zinc Oxide). The ZO dries out the rash while the bacitracin kills any bacteria that is brewing down there. It has never failed us.
—Guest Stacy

Browned Flour Worked Miracles!

My son had a reaction to dairy and got a bad diaper rash. I couldn't find my diaper rash cream quickly enough after a bout of diarrhea and my mother went into the kitchen and put flour in a pan, stirred it with a fork until it was starting to brown. Then we let it cool in the freezer and applied to baby's bottom. INSTANTLY he calmed down and went back to sleep. I now have a tupperware container full of browned flour for the next time. Never again will I spend money on creams and pastes when I always have flour in my cabinet. The only ointment I used in the past was Aveno with oatmeal (A&D burned my child when he was only a month old!). Hope this helps!
—Guest Caitlin

Maalox and cornstarch

My doctor recommended this because the Maalox helps reduce the acidity.
—Guest Frank

No to A & D for Diaper Rash

I have never heard of the Maalox and A&D ointment remedy. It's possible that A&D is used only as a way to get the Maalox to stick to the butt. A&D Ointment scalded my baby's bottom severely. I wiped her bottom ever so gently and a bit of skin peeled right off her little "Tutti". At that point we rushed off to the pediatrian and got a prescription cream for her. Nothing else would get her well. She was only about two months old at that time. Ever since then, we have only used Desitin Creamy, which does the trick every time. Hope this helps another new mother. As a first time mom at 40, I was hysterical about everything!
—Guest Gina

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