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Readers Respond: Does Your Toddler Sit or Stand to Pee?

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Many parents teach their sons to stand up in order to urinate, but some parents teach their boys to sit to pee because of cultural customs or in the hopes that it will help him make learn to go poop sooner since he's already sitting down. Others do so to avoid excess spray all over the toilet seat. Still others find that no matter what they try and teach, their sons have a preference of their own. What have you taught your sons about which way to urinate and why was this your choice?


My daughter is 14 months and she poos and pees standing only. I am having a hard time training her to sit on her seat.
—Guest surbhi


I love that they stand, makes it easy in public restrooms. But when they started pooping on the toilet my first son was unsure or had a hard time remembering what to do with his penis, so he would make a mess, then starting peeing his pants before pooping on the toilet. It was a difficult issue but after almost killing my washer with so much washing his problem stopped.
—Guest mom of two boys


I did try to teach my son how to pee standing up but he just goes if seated...
—Guest Luciana


I know I'm not going to be taking my kid out for target practice any time soon. Every single time he'd go to the bathroom standing up I'd end up cleaning the floor, the wall, the toilet, the bath mat... you name it. Finally I told him to sit down and to use his hand to point his penis downward and there's been no "overspray" since. My husband thought it was kind of sissy at first but I told him that if he didn't like it, he could be the one cleaning the bathroom all the time.
—Guest Trista
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