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Readers Respond: How to make little ones feel better

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From the article: Toddler Surgery
Whether it's croup or a common cold, recovering from surgery or nursing a broken bone, caring for a sick or injured toddler can be challenging. They often can't take the same medications that ease symptoms in older children, and toddlers certainly on't want to listen to instructions to stay in bed and relax. Plus, poor little ones can';t explain what hurts -- all they can do is cuddle, cry, and look so very sad. Share your tips


I can totally ratele to this! Me and my boyfriend shared a twin bed with no troubles for almost two months, but one night in a queen with my 3-year old nephew and I'm left exhausted. It's like he's got more limbs than an octopus.
—Guest gcmwCjSFeiCJWXCueLP

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How to make little ones feel better

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