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Readers Respond: How to help your child give up the binky, bottle and other things

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Doctors usually recommend that children stop using a pacifier and bottle before their first birthday. Share tips on helping little children give up these and other infant habits -- like sleeping in a crib or hanging on to a lovey. Share your tips

Giving up pacifier

My daughter will turn 3 years old on October 28th. My fiancé and I thought that it was definitely time get rid of her binkey. A few weeks ago we tried the cold turkey method and threw away every binkey in the house. Our daughter was fine for about a week and then the night terrors came. If you're a parent of a child that has had a night terror, then you know how frightening it is to witness. She was so sleep deprived, that she was waking up every night screaming and crying. Nothing could calm her down. She didn't recognize us and was so terrified. Today I bought a binkey. I am going to try just giving it to her at night. I know they say night terrors are worse for the parents because the child doesn't remember them, but i can't stand to see her so tired. She needs some good sleep. I could stay up for weeks, if that's all it took to rid her of her binkey but after really understanding how sleep deprived she was and how that leads to night terrors, I needed to do something.
—Guest Karley5

it's easy if the time is right

My son gave up the bottle on his own--at 8 months! The pacifier took a lot longer. But when he was 3, we took a trip and forgot to bring any binks with us (it truly was an accident). Being away from home and having no choice, plus the fact that he was already 3, made it a simple transition. When we got home we just told him the pacifiers were lost and reminded him that he didn't need them anyway. (P.S. His teeth are fine and he talks a blue streak, so keeping the pacifier until 3 didn't hurt him at all.)
—Guest ellen

Out of sight out of mind

Do it quickly and all at once. Don't look back but be ready to sooth some tears.
—Guest Maria

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How to help your child give up the binky, bottle and other things

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